Humpday confessions


Confession no. 1:  As excited as I am for spring and the warmer weather, I am not complaining that we’ve had some chilly mornings and evenings.  I love pressing snooze in the mornings and snuggling for a few more minutes.

Confession no. 2:  I have serious case of buyers remorse.  More like non-buyers-remorse over a pair of shoes.  I saw a navy pair of wedges a few weeks ago and didn’t buy them.  I know the chance that there is stock at the shop I’m going to this evening is non-existent. Why didn’t I just buy them when I first saw them??

Confession no. 3:  In April this year I started watching what I ate and according to the scale this morning, I’m 9.5 kg’s down.  I started by bringing my own lunch to work instead of ordering one of the options at the office.  The lunches we get here are super delicious so I started by ordering fewer days a week before cutting it out completely and just bringing my own.  Now I eat as healthily as I can from Mon – Thurs and treat myself on weekends.  My appetite has definitely decreased over the months and my clothes fit so much better.

Confession no.  4:  Along with a smaller appetite I’ve noticed that I haven’t had wine in ages.  At first it was because of my sore back and painkillers but my back is feeling better and haven’t needed anything for the pain in weeks.  Now I just feel like iced tea instead of a glass of rose (or a cider) lately.

Confession no. 5:  I sat at 3 different tables last night before having dinner with a friend. I felt like Beverley Goldberg in the episode of the Goldbergs where the family go to a restaurant and Beverley keeps asking for a new table.  Wherever I sat I was cold!  The table we eventually settled on was perfect and I’m so glad the waitress suggested it.


16 Comments on “Humpday confessions

  1. I have SUCH a hard time going to eat in restaurants because I am always freezing. Why are their AC vents directly above tables…. everywhere?!


  2. Hah! I remember that episode of The Goldbergs. I’m glad your final table was perfect though. Great job on losing weight. I’ve been working on that for awhile now. I’ve lost a lot already, but I’d still like to lose about 10-15 more. It’s a process!



  3. I stay home but I do pack my hubbys lunches. He is always telling me that everyone else goes out to eat and always gives him hell for his lunches. When I asked why, he said because they always like what he has better LOL! Good job on the weight loss! I am slowly remembering why I used to love Fall. A few bad years put me off of it, but the cooler mornings are really nice!


  4. LOL about the tables. That sounds like something I would do! I’ve definitely had reverse buyers remorse before on things I didn’t buy and wish I had! Awesome job on the weight loss!


  5. I had to laugh at the tables but it has to be right, right?! I’m a big fan of taking my own lunch because I can save money and calories 🙂


  6. Ugh, #2 could have been so me… I’ve started to not impulse-buy years ago, but every now and then I end up not buying something I REALLY like and then it’s not available anymore. 😦

    Congrats on the weight loss, especially because you say that you’ve been feeling better.


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