Hello October!


I cannot say that September was my favourite month this year.  The back ache that appeared with no warning and then hung around for over 2 weeks wasn’t fun.  Work has been incredibly busy and I’ve been feeling quite stressed since the end of August.  Alot of September felt like I was constantly trying to catch up with the previous day – often felt like I was running in circles and not getting anywhere.  I took a days leave on Friday and what a difference a long weekend can make!  Hubby also took leave so we decided to have a much needed quiet weekend.

Waking up on Friday morning and getting to sleep in felt SO good!  I made tea and read a bit and hubby went to Kirstenbosch to take photos.  When he got back we went to have brunch and then I started organising our cupboards.  The Ryder Cup was on so hubby was happy with the golf and we had tea and milktart while I cleared out 3 bags of clothes to donate.  I moved all the summer clothes out, packed the winter ones away (so obviously today is cold and I’m shivering in a dress haha).

Saturday we had a late breakfast and then I started on the cupboard in our study.  Found some of my scrapbooking goodies which I’d forgotten about!  We took a drive in the afternoon to Chapmans Peak and then had a relaxing evening.

Sunday we went to the Spice Route and had lunch at La Grapperia.  It was a super hot day and we were lucky to get a table in the shade.  Hubby had pizza and I had the Farmers salad which was delicious.  We spotted 2 owls while we were having lunch!  Afterwards we went buy some chocolate and then finished off with an ice-cream.  I loved the salted caramel I chose and hubby had mint chocolate with macadamia nuts.

We made our way home feeling very full and tired – couldn’t believe the heat!  While the golf was on I had a nap and then tackled the ironing when it was a bit cooler in the evening.  We had a super lazy supper and it was a really enjoyable weekend.

And now it is October!  Spring is here and I’m looking forward to the warmer months.  Taking some leave later in the month and cannot wait!  I love this time of the year.

My September goals were:

  • Go to a yoga class – unfortunately my back was so sore for most of September so this was a no 😦
  • Make time for close friends
  • Declutter wardrobe and donate clothes I don’t wear
  • Read 3 books
  • Blog 10 times – blogged 9 times!
  • Be more mindful
  • Less time online – 2 FB free days a week

October goals are:

  • Continue being more mindful
  • Read 3 books
  • Update Goodreads (need to update the reading challenge!)
  • Go to gym more often
  • Leave work stress at the office

What about you?  What are your October goals?




7 Comments on “Hello October!

  1. You did a great job in September, momma!! Sometimes there are things that are beyond our control (like back pains), which would make attending a yoga class difficult—and that’s okay. The point is to give yourself grace and acknowledge all the items you DID accomplish in just one month’s time!

    I love your goal of leaving work stress at the office; I have a hard time with this, since i work from home and feel compelled to answer emails late in the day, but I would love to try this/ and also I need to return to the gym, too! Baby steps 🙂 xoxo

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  2. Great goals in October, I think you did great in September, it stinks that your back got in your way a bit, but you still did great even with that. I hope October goes better, especially on the work front, I hope for the same for myself!

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  3. Great job on your goals from last month! Back pain is the worst because it’s the type of pain you can’t ignore and it can keep you from doing so much. I hope you are feeling better and have an awesome October!

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  4. Nice job on your September goals! I am sure you’ll be crushing the October goals as well… I am sorry about your back pain, that sucks. It affects everything! Otherwise it sounds like you had a great weekend… enjoy the start of spring!

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  5. I hope your back is feeling better – back pain is just the worst! I’m back to my normal dance schedule starting tomorrow, so hopefully I can get back on track with being active and eating better. Honestly, it’s more focusing on better food though as I feel like I’ve been pretty active. I hope you have a great October, and I’m glad your long weekend was what you needed to relax and recharge.


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