My spend vs save list

Spend vs save

I saw San at did a similar post last month and I wanted to do something too.  Years ago my list would have been very different – I used to have to have the latest cellphone and I could spend ages in craft shops.  Putting this list together was fun and interesting and I encourage bloggers to make a list of their own.

Spend list:

Food and eating out

Our food bill is quite high for 2 people.  Hubby enjoys cooking (thank goodness as I’m a disaster in the kitchen).  Eating well (and healthy) is not cheap.  I prefer the meat we get at our butcher – so we end up doing grocery shopping in a few different shops.  We try to eat relatively healthily during the week and then treat ourselves to 2 – 3 meals out on weekends.


Hubby and I love discovering new places and if we enjoy a holiday or weekend away it quickly becomes a favourite that needs to be re-visited. Hermanus, Langebaan, Wilderness, PE and of course Sun City is on our list of favourites.


I’ve always enjoyed writing so I’ve done 2 courses over the years.  A feature writing course as well as a creative writing one before that.  Learnt loads and while they weren’t cheap, they were enjoyable and I’m glad I’d enrolled.  Obviously I’d love to put them into action but who knows what the future holds right?


I’m addicted to Clinique. Have worn the make up since I was in my early 20’s and doing the 3 step for over a decade now.  I love their range despite the price tag.

Nail polish is another weakness of mine and I am a huge fan of the Morgan Taylor range. Currently wearing one of my favourites ‘Sweater Weather’ as I type this.

Summer clothes:

I adore spring and summer so I always have more clothes for my favourite seasons. Dresses, skirts, pretty tops, shorts and sandals – love love love.


Cellphone and techno goodies.

I used to have an amazing Samsung but after having it stolen I went back to an older model and don’t get a fluttering heart at the latest phones.  The price of cellphones (and the data they chew through) is not cheap and I cannot justify spending hundreds of Rands each month on a contract that barely gives me enough data for the first few days of the month.

Maybe I’m maturing with age.  Maybe I’ve just gotten old.  Who knows.

Craft goodies.

I’ve done so many crafts over the years.

Lets see, there was the baking and cake decorating phase.  The scrapbook phase.  The crochet phase. The knitting phase.  The journaling phase.  The colouring in phase.  Need I go on?  I spent a small fortune on each and apart from journaling haven’t done much on any of them in years.  Now before I dive into something creative, I do my research, ask myself if this is something I’m going to actually do for more than 10 minutes.  If so, then I price the necessary and take it slowly.

Winter work clothes:

I have a very boring winter wardrobe for work.  The thing is, I have a cardigan collection that I’ve built up over the years and thankfully they have lasted quite well (bar the one that has shrunken over the years and now sits 3/4 up my arm).  So each winter I’ll add a cardigan or two (had to replace the shrunken one as it was winter and arms get cold!)  But I don’t go wild with knitwear or have a fabulous choice of coats and boots.  I don’t have a clue on accessorising with trendy scarves and hats.  Just let me be (in a cardigan) until spring.

Spa days:

I went through a manicure and pedicure phase at the beginning of the year but now I prefer to do my own.  I often get asked where I have been to get my nails done when I’ve painted them myself in front of the TV.  It is very important to treat yourself (and I love going to these places) but if I visit a spa it will probably be for a special occasion or if I’ve received a voucher as a gift.

What about you? What is on your spend vs save list?


10 Comments on “My spend vs save list

  1. I do think this is a fun post! I don’t really spend money on tech things – I had a flip phone for the LONGEST time. I have an iphone now, but it’s one of the older models. lol I spend money on books here and there, but I tend to buy more e-books than anything and I try and use my library a lot. I probably spend the most on experiences or eating out. But experiences are just movies, concerts, travel – things that let me get out and explore the world a bit. 🙂



  2. This is a great post! My spend versus save list is similar – we spend more on food and things like that and we also tend to shop multiple places to get the best things. So yes to the butcher shop! I try to save on spa as well, I do my own nails at home also. I splurge on haircuts, but I do my own hair color. Things like that. Great list!


  3. I love this idea and might have to participate too! I used to spend a lot to get manicures and haven’t in ages. I really miss them, so I want to see if there’s a way I can get them back on my list. That’s great you can give yourself one that looks professional! Like you, I don’t have much use for modern tech, and am rarely turned on by the latest and greatest gadgets. It is nice, however, to have a phone that works and doesn’t lose its charge every five minutes 🙂

    Great list—I’ll gave to think of some of the things I spend money on and what I save 🙂


  4. I am so relieved to hear that someone else spends a good amount of money on food/eating out… we do too! We just really value good food.

    I feel you on the craft goodies… it’s something I will spend money on, but I always get sad if I don’t have enough time to do all the crafts I want to do.


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