Friday at last!

New pic

Oh my goodness but was this the longest week or what?  I’ve had terrible back pain which I got seen to at the Dr on Tuesday.  The pain is muscular and I’ve got painkillers and some stretching exercises to do but it keeps sneaking back.  Last night, I was so sore that I got out of bed to do windmills to relax my left shoulder and neck which was aching.  There have been times this week when I’d wake up in so much pain that I couldn’t roll over.  Just lay there like an upturned beetle on my back.

Poor hubby didn’t get much sleep thanks to me.  I’m not a good patient – I’m cranky when I feel dreadful and my husband has the patience of a saint to put up with me!

I had to cancel plans with a friend last weekend because I woke up on the Saturday feeling so awful and then dinner with a friend on Tuesday as well.  Thank goodness for understanding friends who were happy to re-schedule for when I’m on the mend.

Work has been so busy, we have finished quarter end but there seemed so much to do this week that I feel I’ve been juggling continuously since I sat down at my desk on Monday morning.  I’m exhausted to say the least.

Anyway it is Friday and I’m linking up with  Lindsay Charlotte and Beth with my weekly gratitude list.

  • Hubby treating me to a new camera.  I love my Canon SX740 SO much!
  • Getting peace of mind regarding my back from the Dr.
  • Mark and his endless patience.
  • The heater in the office
  • Blogging and opening up about something that has weighed heavily on me.  I shared this on Monday and am grateful for the support and love from fellow bloggers. ❤
  • The longest week ever coming to an end and a 3 day weekend to look forward to
  • Jane Fallon’s books – currently reading “Faking Friends” and it is really good
  • Dam levels being just over 70% – so amazing!
  • Date night after work yesterday
  • Being spoilt with a spa voucher at work this morning.  Cannot wait to use this!

I’m so looking forward to our 3 day weekend – tonight we are going for a drive before dinner at Louis.  Tomorrow I want to take some pictures with my new camera and Sunday we might take a day trip somewhere.  I’ve got a hairdressers appointment on Monday morning.  I’ve had the same hairdo for a while now and excited (but a bit nervous) to change it.

What about you?  What is on your gratitude list?


12 Comments on “Friday at last!

  1. YAY for a new camera!! Im glad to hear you got some peace of mind from the dr. And that opening up with us helped! Take lots of pictures this weekend and don’t forget to share 🙂 . I can’t wait to see!!


  2. I’m so sorry to hear your back has been so bad! Yay for a new camera!! And a spa voucher?? Awesome! Jealous! I hope you have an awesome weekend!!


  3. It was THE longest week! Can’t wait to see some photos from your new camera. That’s always a fun thing to get to play around with. Ooh, a spa voucher from work? That sounds like a treat. Hope you enjoy using it!


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