September mantras and goals

I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that we are in September!  While many bloggers are talking about fall/autumn we are getting ready for spring and I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and not having to wear layers of clothing every day!  The weather is still quite cool at the moment and I’m sitting with the heater on full blast as I type this 🙂

My August goals were:

  • Look into doing yoga Well I sent an e-mail enquiring classes – does that count?
  • Continue to meditate Not as often as I should have
  • Declutter one area or room Nope
  • Put OLW for 2018 into action Not really
  • Read 3 books  Read 2

Yeah I know – terrible.  August just seems to have gotten away from me.

September goals:

  • Go to a yoga class
  • Make time for close friends
  • Declutter wardrobe and donate clothes I don’t wear
  • Read 3 books
  • Blog 10 times
  • Be more mindful
  • Less time online – 2 FB free days a week?

My mantras focus on gratitude and mindfulness this month:

Quote 5

Quote 6

Quote 3

Tell me, what are your goals and mantras for September?


10 Comments on “September mantras and goals

  1. I love those last two quotes – very good mantras. I hope you have a really successful September. I don’t have too many big goals this month. I’m just really trying to get back on track with eating healthy and just being healthy in general. I’m off to a good start, and I have my first dance class tonight for the year, so fingers crossed it all goes well. 🙂



  2. I love your mantras for the month. They are definitely ones I want to work on too. I’m in full on declutter mode at home too. I guess I do my spring cleaning in the Fall, lol!


  3. Good luck with your September goals!! And hopefully it warms up soon for you. I’m counting on it cooling down down down here 🙂 I love the blogging, reading, and yoga goals!


  4. Isn’t it nice to look forward to spring? 🙂 It’s so funny though that we’re on opposite schedule, so to speak 🙂

    Good luck with your September goals, they all sound achievable


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