Sentence a day: August edition

Midweek confessions2

I got this idea from Lindsay  You sum up a month with a sentence (sometimes more) per day and it is basically a snapshot of your month.  Remembering a month day by day is not easy so I keep an electronic record and each day just add the previous day’s highlight or happenings and there you go – 31 days condensed.

Wednesday 1st August: Woke up just before 4:00am and finally fell asleep just minutes before the alarm went off.  Busy day.

Thursday 2nd August: Another busy day.  So glad the weekend is around the corner.

Friday 3rd August:  Decided spur of the moment to have a weekend in Hermanus!  Hubby left early to pack (did a great job), fetched me and we went Hermanus from work.  Did grocery shopping and checked in and had an awesome braai.

Saturday 4th August:  Went to Greyton and did a walk.  Then chilled out and had another braai.

Sunday 5th August: Hubby got an amazing waterfall picture at Harold Porter Botanical Garden.  We had breakfast then made our way home.

Monday 6th August:  Had zero sleep and felt awful.  Stayed at home.

Tuesday 7th August:  Better nights sleep, migraine gone, back to work.  Really busy day, got home and caught up on laundry and ironing and had a delicious dinner.

Wednesday 8th August:  So awesome knowing tomorrow is a public holiday.  We got something ready made from Woolies, drinks to enjoy and had a great evening knowing we could sleep late the next day.

Thursday 9th August:  Public holiday!  Lunch at Cattle Baron then had a long drive and came home and watched a movie.

Friday 10th August:  Back to work.  Busy day, did an assessment for a course I’m doing through work and I got 80% so I was rather chuffed!  Date night with hubby in the evening.  Went to Louis for pizza.

Saturday 11th August:  So nice to lay in after a busy week.  Had brunch at the Rambling Rose and then took a long drive afterwards.

Sunday 12th August:  Super chilled pajama day.  Bliss.

Monday 13th August:  Visited my in-laws after work and then went to Cattle Baron for dinner.

Tuesday 14th August:  Really cold!   So grateful for the heater in the office!

Wednesday 15th August:  Had drinks on our bench outside after work.

Thursday 16th August:  The 2 year anniversary of my blog!

Friday 17th August:  Freezing!  Getting out of bed was such an effort this morning.  Went out for dinner in the evening and had delicious pizza.

Saturday 18th August:  Went for a cycle – I managed 45 km’s which is my longest ever.

Sunday 19th August:  Had a lie in, then caught up with laundry, had a late breakfast, watched movies, napped and went for a drive to Camps Bay.

Monday 20th August:  After work we had a games night at Mark’s parents.  Had so much fun laughing our way through 30 seconds.

Tuesday 21st August:  The dam levels are 60.1%.  Praying for more rain so that by summer they are fuller.

Wednesday 22nd August:  Lovely surprise from my boss’s wife – sushi for lunch.

Thursday 23rd August:  Left my keys at home so I was locked out of my drawer (with work diary, stationery etc) all day.  Very busy and long day.  So glad I’ve got a 3 day weekend!

Friday 24th August:  Hermanus weekend!  Went to look at the Canola fields and Stanford along the way.  Had breakfast at The Brassiere South and then went for another drive. Went to look for whales and spotted a few! Checked in, did grocery shopping and Mark went to take photos of the Canola fields in the afternoon sun – stunning.  Had a delicious braai and was glad we made the most of the beautiful weather because the wind picked up and a storm was on the way.

Saturday 25th August:  Seriously windy day.  We had breakfast and then took a drive along to De Kelders and then to Pearly Beach.  Got back and I was so relaxed I had a nap. Hubby made us an amazing braai and as he finished it started pouring with rain – great timing.  Watched rugby while it poured with rain.

Sunday 26th August:  Woke up to hail!  Had tea in bed while hubby went to look for whales and then came back for breakfast.  We packed up and went to the Spur for nachos – YUM.

Monday 27th August:  Freezing weather!

Tuesday 28th August:  Work function after work.  Had a great evening at a stunning restaurant in Gardens.

Wednesday 29th August:  Really busy day at work.

Thursday 30th August:  Even busier day!  Hello Friday?  Are you there?

Friday 31st August:  Hooray for the weekend!  Date night – went to have pizza at Louis – delicious!


12 Comments on “Sentence a day: August edition

  1. What a busy but fun packed month. How good is a pyjama day? I’m guessing Louis is one of your favourites! And who doesn’t love a spontaneous weekend away?!


  2. Hey girl,

    I can’t decide if I’m over these posts. Sure they’re fun but they take me awhile to put together…. I dunno, we’ll see. I think I need to keep things easy for now but it doesn’t mean I won’t come back. I do love these posts, though and reading snapshots of others’ months. 🙂



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