Hello spring!


It seems like just the other day it was autumn and I was filled with envy for those going into summer.  I’m not a winter person and wasn’t looking forward to the long cold months ahead.  But then a few weeks in I decided to make the most of the season and focus on the positives and you know what?

I loved this winter.

I changed my mindset from someone who used to complain “it is so cold” numerous times a day to that of gratitude.  I made a winter bucket list of things I wanted to do during the season.   I loved every moment of the rain because it meant dam levels would increase and often when it poured outside, I’d take a few minutes to watch it.  The other day at work, I took a moment out of a busy day to just sit and watch the rain and felt so grateful.

The rain has meant beautiful waterfalls which Mark has been taking stunning photographs of.  He is going to make a 2019 calendar with these photos and I cannot wait to see the end result once it is printed.

Our winters are not as cold as those that some of my overseas friends experience.  When we talk about snow, it is on top of the mountains not our gardens.  However we’ve had some cold weather and I’ve been very grateful for heaters!  At night after a quick shower I would get into my jim jams and thick gown and get comfy under blankets on the couch.  On days with good weather we’d go for a cycle or plan a day trip and make the most of it.  There was no hibernating and waiting for spring!  We went on adventures and spent loads of time in Hermanus.  Had a great weekend in Wilderness and visited the Northern Cape to see the Quiver trees.

I genuinely loved this winter.  I’m not saying I loved the cold temperatures but I did make the most of the season.  Now that spring is here (although it doesn’t feel like it just yet) I’ll admit that the time flew by very quickly.   It is amazing how changing my mindset (and attitude) made the last few months so different to previous winters.  I spent the cold months feeling content instead of wishing the time away and I focused on simple pleasures.  Sitting a few days ago drinking tea in bed while it rained outside was a wonderful way to start my day.

The collage at the top of this post are highlights from snapshots over the past few months.

Seasons are like life….it is what you make of it that counts.


14 Comments on “Hello spring!

  1. I live in northern Wisconsin, USA and winter here is AWFUL. Temperatures well below zero (Fahrenheit) and tons of snow. I hate every second of it. When I was little I’d go out and play as long as I could handle it, but as I get older I find it’s less and less. I only leave the house on days I absolutely HAVE to.


  2. I love this, and yes—the seasons really are what you make of them. I’m so glad you’ve found the time to enjoy your winter and admire the rain and waterfalls (I can’t wait to see your hibby’s calendar!). I’m the same way; winter never is my favorite time of year, but it’s good to enjoy what we have when we have it because it’s all so short-lived and time moves quickly from one season to the next ❤

    Hope you have a great week ahead!! Xo


  3. What lovely pics – you certainly made the most of winter! We too have had a wonderful winter, summer was so horribly hot, I’ve really embraced the winter weather although it’s nothing like the baltic conditions I “enjoyed” in the UK! Spring is my Goldilocks season, not too hot, not too cold, just right!


  4. I always have to remind myself that you live in the Southern Hemisphere and that our seasons are switched LOL …. having said that, I love all seasons and am always looking forward to each one.


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