If you and I had coffee

I always enjoy these sorts of posts which Lecy https://asimplergrace.blogspot.co.za/ does.  One writes about what they would discuss if they met a friend for coffee.  Any thoughts or concerns are shared and it is an enjoyable way to open up about what is on your mind.


If we met for coffee, I’d suggest one of my favourite places that do the best toasted sandwiches.  We’ll request a table by the window and sit warming up as the sun streams in and I’ll ask how you’ve been and what you got up to over the weekend.

I’d show you the pictures I took over the weekend in Greyton.  We spent another weekend in Hermanus and it was such a treat to get warm weather in the middle of winter.  Saturday we drove through to Greyton and found a stunning restaurant where we ate outside.  I’d show you some pictures I took over the weekend while we wait for our coffee to arrive.


T-shirts in winter – that is how warm it was!


If we met for coffee I’d tell you that the drought is really getting me down and I’m finding the 50 litres per day tricky at times.  I used to moan about laundry – try having a full laundry basket and water restrictions.  Before the drought I’d enjoy a bath after a long day.  I’d read a book and sip tea.  Or wine – lets be honest the choice of refreshment depended on the day I’d had.  I cannot do that in a start-stop shower while I worry if I’ve gone over 90 seconds.  Washing dishes and saving every drop.  Not flushing whenever possible (and then using grey water saved from around the house.  It isn’t fun.  Not having water in the taps in the office bathroom toilets.  Hello to buying loads of wet wipes.  It has been like this (50 litres per person) since 1st February but feels alot longer.

I’d apologise for moaning and we’d sip our coffee and focus on positive things.  Dam levels are rising and we’ve had amazing rain, I need to remember this.

We’d order our lunch and I’d recommend my favourite toasted sandwich – chicken mayo, bacon and avo (delicious combo).  While we wait for our food, you’d tell me about work and what you are enjoying at the moment.

We’d talk about My Kitchen Rules South Africa – I love reality shows and cooking programmes so combine the two and I’m watching every episode!  Just finished watching the Australian My Kitchen Rules.

We’d eat our lunch and I’d tell you that I’m looking forward to Mark’s birthday (I love celebrating my husband’s birthday as much as my own).  I’m doing a countdown until his special day (4 more sleeps). ❤

As the bill arrives, we’d say goodbye and agree to meet again soon.  Next time, you choose the place 🙂


5 Comments on “If you and I had coffee

  1. I would tell you not to apologize for complaining about the water situation. It’s justified and I can understand how frustrating and tiring it would be. And I would tell you your pictures from your weekend look lovely! I’d tell you we ate outside this weekend too and it was fantastic. And that we also enjoyed a bonfire. It was a pretty good weekend here too. And this sandwich sounds delicious. I’ll have to try that too.

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  2. Happy early birthday to your husband! I love celebrating other people’s birthdays too. And like Beth said, don’t feel bad for complaining about the lack of water. I think it would be tough for all of us. Sometimes you just have to let the frustration out! I’m glad that the dams are filling up though. That’s really good news!!!


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  3. Yay! I love that you are joining in on the coffee date bandwagon! If we were on a coffee date, I’d bring you a couple of gallons of water. We’ve been getting about 2 inches (I think about 5 cm) a day! I really wish I could blow these rain clouds your way so you guys could benefit from all this moisture. Hope your hubs has a wonderful birthday and you both have a lovely week! ❤

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  4. Ommg! This is so cute! I love the idea of it. i think these kind of posts are lovely and I absolutely love to read them. Aweee everyone has their own troubles and complaining is part of life. Actually, maybe it is less complaining and more sharing things that are going on in your life to a person you trust. So, I am guessing that’s a good thing to share and I hope it all turns out all well. These are some great pictures btw! Thanks for sharing this Anthea, such a fun little post to read. 🙂

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  5. We hadn’t been restricted like THAT during the drought here, but I hear you, it’s really hard to realize how much water we’re using on a daily basis without thinking.

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