Book review: The Breakdown by B.A Paris


It is not often I finish reading a book in 3 days.  It was during a rainy weekend and perfectly timed for this page-turning psychological thriller.

Cass is a teacher who has just celebrated the end of term with colleagues.  A storm starts just as she is leaving to go home.  Her husband, Matthew warns her not to take the shortcut which goes past the woods.

She doesn’t listen.

As she is driving in the storm she sees a car broken down and stops alongside it.  Cass can see a lady inside but when she doesn’t get out, Cass drives on and tells herself that she’ll phone for help when she is home.

Except she forgets.

When she wakes up the next morning, she hears that a woman was murdered on that road the night before.  Feeling guilty that she didn’t stop and help, Cass pretends that she travelled a different way home.  She keeps her guilty secret to herself but her horror at what happened is magnified when she realises she knew the victim.

Then things start happening that make Cass question her sanity.  There are silent phone calls.  A pram she didn’t order is delivered to her home.  She finds a knife matching the description of the one used in the murder in her kitchen (but it dissapears before she can show Matthew).  She fears that she is losing her mind as she starts forgetting simple things.

Readers will find a couple of twists and I did guess part of the ending (I had suspected something early on in the book and turned out to be right).  However there was a big surprise that I didn’t see until the very end.


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