Friday gratitude


We’ve had some amazing rain this week and it has filled me with gratitude when I see the dam levels increasing.  Winter has never been my favourite season yet this year I’m embracing the weather and just going with it.  I know spring will come again and until then I’m enjoying the cosy aspects of the cold weather like hot chocolate, butter chicken and delicious soups.  Winter jim jams and the comfort of my winter gown.  Burrowing under blankets while watching TV.  Sipping tea in front of the heater.  Snuggling in bed.

Today I’m linking up Lindsay Charlotte and Beth with my Friday gratitude list:

  • My Mom being up and about after weeks of bed rest.
  • I cycled 32 km’s on Sunday. Not my best distance but I tried a massively steep hill and didn’t do too badly.
  • Roast chicken and mayo on sesame seed rolls.
  • Quarter end is done and dusted
  • The list on the fridge.  I bought a shopping list which sticks to our fridge as a reminder of things we need when grocery shopping.  Instead Mark and I have turned it into a game of leaving hilarious messages for each other whenever we are in the kitchen.
  • Lunch with a work friend this week.  Had breakfast for lunch which I always enjoy.
  • Books that you cannot put down.  I enjoyed “The Store” by James Patterson this week.  Read it in days.
  • Date night on Wednesday. Ended work an hour early which was great and then in the evening we went out for dinner.
  • Lindt chocolate balls (the strawberry flavour is my current favourite)
  • Joining Goodreads! Oh my goodness why did I take so long? Shout if you are on there!  I’ve already friended some bloggers and it is so much fun seeing what everyone is reading.

Tonight we are having butter chicken for dinner and my mouth is already watering.  We need to go grocery shopping after work and pick up snacks as the FIFA World Cup starts tonight!  Tomorrow we are hoping to go for a cycle (weather is looking good at the moment) and then brunch afterwards in Langebaan.  No other plans other than to keep warm and unwind after the week.

What about you?  What is on your gratitude list at the moment?  Any exciting plans for the weekend?


16 Comments on “Friday gratitude

    • I went through something similar this year. Started the year off with 3 amazing books in a row and then just read a couple that I just couldn’t get into. Now I seem to be enjoying what I’m reading again.


  1. Great to hear your mom is up and about! Isn’t Goodreads the best! I’ve found a ton of books to read from the recommendations on there.


    • Thanks Penny – we are so happy that my Mom is doing well.
      I’m really enjoying Goodreads – so much fun seeing what others are reading.


  2. Awww, I loved reading your gratitude list (and how snuggly is that picture?!). I have a hard time fully enjoying the seasons, and sometimes I crave the opposite of what I’m experiencing. Like when I go out on a 90 degree day and curse the summer, LOL. I’m weird. I’m hoping your mom is feeling well, and I’m so glad to see you on Goodreads! I love that site, too, and I get so much great inspiration on what to read from my friends’ bookshelves 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, and thank you SO MUCH for your kind wishes! XOXO


    • When we get super hot summer days I find I can get quite irritable – the heat just takes it out of me. But I’ve always preferred it to the cold weather. Spring and autumn are awesome 🙂
      We are so relieved with my Mom’s results and she is cooking again and loving it. It isn’t easy when a parent isn’t well and the distance doesn’t help.
      I was so happy to see your news last week! You must be so excited 🙂


  3. Love your kitchen list – how fun you just leave each other messages. I’m so glad your mom is up and about more often! That’s wonderful news.

    I don’t really mind the winter too much – though it lasted a really long time here, but there are definitely aspects to really enjoy (many of which you named).



    • Thank you Lauren – we are so relieved that my Mom is doing well. The last few months have been quite hectic for her and worrying for us.
      I remember a few bloggers saying your winter was a long one. I’m determined to enjoy the current season and not wish the time away. Spring will be back and for now I’m just grateful for the rain 🙂


  4. I’m excited to connect with you on Goodreads. It’s always fun to see what my friends are reading. That’s awesome that your mom is doing better! I love grocery lists that stick to the fridge, but having fun and leaving silly notes is good too. 🙂


    • Same here Lecy – I’m enjoying Goodreads so much! I love seeing what everyone is reading and I’m adding to my TBR list regularly.

      We are so happy that my Mom is getting better and her test results are looking good. She needs to take it easy for a bit but she is so happy to be up and about again.


  5. Excited to hear you’re also excited about the FIFA World Cup! Who are you rooting for?

    So happy that your mom is continuing on a good path!


    • Unfortunately South Africa aren’t playing but we are having a fun competition here at work.
      There is a lucky draw and each of us were assigned a team – mine is Germany.

      Thank you – we are so relieved and happy about my Mom.


  6. Hey girl,

    It makes me happy that day zero has passed but that doesn’t you’re out of the storm, right? Rain over in your parts of the world makes me so happy. Kenya has been getting pummeled with rain and they’ve had a lot of flooding. It’s such a bittersweet thing eh, because one year it can be the worst drought and the next, worst flooding in years. Rarely, I’m sure, is it ever perfect ideal weather.. but such is life with our climate and changes.
    I haven’t been out on my bike in AGES but perhaps I’ll make that my mission next week. I was just telling Jeff last night that it’s been awhile, too, since he’s been out and about.

    Mmmm butter chicken and ginger and sesame beef are my fave!! I’m hungry now, LOL.

    Anyways, catching up from last week and hope you’re well my dear. xoxo


    • We are super grateful for the rain in Cape Town as we hope that day zero will keep being delayed and dams will continue filling up. It was worrying for quite some time because day zero was on our minds and we just hoped and prayed we’d get rain in winter. So far it has been good – more rain is predicted tomorrow. We are still on 50 litres a day per person and it is a mindset of saving every drop.

      Hope you are well. I’m behind on the blogs and will catch up this week. xoxo


    • Yay – I’ve added you! Such a fun site – I love seeing what people are reading and enjoying 🙂


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