Hello Friday

Hello Friday

What a week!  Do you ever feel like the days between Monday and Friday are waaaaaaay more than 5?  That was my week.  I’ve mentioned my Mom not being well and we’ve been waiting since last Tuesday for the results of her bone marrow biopsy.  Yesterday my Mom sent a message saying the tests were back and clear.  I let out a breath that I didn’t realise I’d been holding and a huge weight was lifted – we are SO relieved.  My Mom is waiting for one test which she says she is not worried about and she said should the test be positive she will need a course of tablets to sort it out.

Work wise this week has been very busy with quarter end and I’m happy that Friday is here and 4:00pm is in sight!

Today I’m linking up Lindsay http://theflynnigans.com/ Charlotte http://mypixieblog.com/ and Beth http://coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com/ with my Friday gratitude list:

  • My Mom’s test results coming back clear. Feel like a massive worry has been lifted and we are so relieved and grateful!
  • The most delicious butter chicken last Friday night – what an amazing start to the weekend.
  • Relaxed Saturdays
  • Date night on Sunday – went to watch “Life of the Party” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Had a great dinner at Cattle Baron afterwards.
  • Butternut soup on cold winter days
  • Going to gym when I felt I didn’t have the energy, running 3.9km’s and enjoying it.
  • The warmer weather on Wednesday.  Said goodbye dry month and had some wine outside on the bench in the garden.
  • Dam levels are up!
  • Watching My Kitchen Rules South Africa and My Kitchen Rules Australia.
  • Trying new teas and enjoying them.

This weekend is going to be super relaxed which is much needed after this week.  Alot depends on the weather – whether we cycle and hubby gets to do some photography.  We are having another delicous curry for dinner tonight and I cannot wait!  Tomorrow is predicted to pour down and we have a chilled day planned – late breakfast, staying in our jim jams and catching up on all our favourite shows.  Sunday we are hoping to go for a long cycle and have dinner out planned for the evening.

What is on your gratitude list today?  What are your weekend plans?


10 Comments on “Hello Friday

    • Thank you – it was such a huge relief getting the news!


  1. I’m so glad your mom’s test came back good! That has to relieve a lot of your worry. Oh, I hate when weeks just go on and on and on. So tiring. I hope this weekend is relaxing and enjoyable for you though. I’m glad you enjoyed Life of the Party. I really liked it too!



    • Thank you Lauren – getting that news was such a huge relief!
      This weekend was relaxing and just what I needed! Hope yours was great.
      I loved Life of the Party. I keep thinking of random parts and laughing out loud 🙂


  2. You’re right about this week feeling like it was never going to end. I’m so glad to hear your mom’s tests came back with good results. What an awesome thing to be grateful for! Butternut soup sounds so yummy!


    • Thank you Lecy – I think waiting for the test results just made each day drag so slowly. Getting the news last week was such a massive relief.
      Butternut soup is so good on a cold day (actually I love soup all year round) 🙂


    • I’m always so glad afterwards but sometimes just getting to the gym takes such effort!
      Glad you are back 🙂


  3. Yes, weekdays always feel so much longer than the weekend!

    I am so, so happy to hear that your mom’s tests came back clear. What a huge relief!


    • Thanks San – we are so relieved and happy! Getting the message regarding the results just made my week!


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