Book review: The Year that Changed Everything by Cathy Kelly


I’ve read many of Cathy Kelly’s books and I think this is one of my favourites.

The story is about 3 women having a milestone birthday.

Ginger is turning 30 and her birthday coincides with her best friend’s wedding.  She is convinced that the evening will be memorable and it is….but for the wrong reasons.

Sam is 40 and about to have a baby.  When she goes into labour on her birthday her fears about motherhood surface.  Her mother and her are not close and she worries that she’ll end up being just as detached and unsupportive to her own child.

Callie is 50 and she is having a huge birthday party which is brought to a halt by unexpected visitors who bring shocking news.  The life she has lived is suddenly thrown into chaos as she realises that things are not what they seem.

I loved this book and highly recommend it as a light and enjoyable read.  The 3 characters are woman at completely different stages of their lives and the book starts on the day of their birthdays.  Callie and Ginger find out something shocking that they were not expecting and Sam goes into labour.  The story then backtracks to a month before their birthdays and then moves swiftly along post birthday.  It is cleverly written and readers will warm up to the characters from the start.

As the year goes by each character grows and learns things about themselves that they wouldn’t have known a year before.  There is heartbreak, shocks and disappointments but also joy and hope with each chapter and each women learns that she is stronger than she realised.

Another fun read by Cathy Kelly!


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