If we met for coffee


I always enjoy these sorts of posts which Lecy https://asimplergrace.blogspot.co.za/ does.  And Beth http://coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com/ recently did one too.

Basically one writes about what they would discuss if they met a friend for coffee.  Any thoughts or concerns are shared and it is an enjoyable way to open up about what is on your mind.

If we met for coffee I’d tell you that I’m so grateful for the rain we have been getting.  The water situation is really worrying and watching every drop we use during the day is tiring.

I’d tell you that I’m trying very hard to get fit and not use the cold weather as an excuse to skip gym.  I’ve been cycling lately and enjoy it.  I rode 40 km’s the other day and shocked myself because I was so certain I didn’t have the energy.

I’d share with you that my germ aversion is very much there at the moment and is causing me to feel stressed.  We all have things we like to avoid but unlike my phobia of heights and snakes, avoiding germs is tricky.  I get very irritated when sick people don’t just stay home and recover – I find it disrespectful that FOMO for a party/dinner/get together is more important to them than other people’s health.  Also being sympathetic is not always my first thought – I hope I don’t catch anything or better keep my distance – is more likely what I’m thinking when someone is ill and drags themself to the office or to a get together.  Also coughing without putting your hand in front of your mouth is disgusting and I find it extremely selfish.

As we enjoy our coffee I’ll admit that I think I’m becoming more of an introvert as I get older.  I also don’t have time for drama and I am avoiding people who like to stir and cause trouble because life is too short.  Being an introvert means that I don’t appreciate people forcing their way into my personal space and I despise having my hair touched and stroked by people who think I’m a human version of their cat.

After we finish drinking and get the bill, I’ll tell you how much I love My Kitchen Rules Australia and how I cannot wait the next season of the South African My Kitchen Rules to start.  I’m no chef but I enjoy cooking shows.

We’ll say goodbye and arrange to meet up for another coffee and catch up soon.


10 Comments on “If we met for coffee

  1. People just randomly touch your hair? Oh gosh, I’d hate that! I understand why people that are sick go to work – at least in the U.S. (I don’t know how it is where you live) because we don’t really get sick days at most places, or we end up losing money that we really need, so people come and try to push through. As for other events, then yeah, I’d rather them just stay home if it’s not mandatory!

    I’m not a cook either, but cooking shows are such fun.

    Yay for getting some rain!!



    • I used to have long hair and having a couple of people think they can stroke my ponytail was so irritating! Thankfully I don’t work with the one anymore and the other is someone I avoid like the plague. I’d never touch someone else’s hair – unless you are their hairdresser there is no need to!

      I am in South Africa and where I work we get sick leave. The companies I’ve worked for before also had sick leave for staff (not sure how it works for contract and temp staff). I didn’t realise that most place by you don’t have this – it must be tough to lose pay because you are off ill.

      It is raining right now by us and more is predicted later. We’ve never been so happy for rain before 🙂


  2. I’d tell you that you are not alone, I’m a germ-a-phobe too. It’s increased ten fold since I’ve become a parent (not my own kid’s germs mind you, other people’s). I really do wish people would just stay home when they get sick! I’m so happy you have rain! And I’ve been embracing my introvert-ness. I’m ok with it as I’ve been older. It’s a good excuse to stay in your PJs and watch movies on a Friday night, lol. I’m glad you did a post like this! ❤


    • With our water situation at work (we have sanitiser instead of being able to wash our hands as the taps are switched off) I find I’m even more aware of germs.
      If I’m ill I try to avoid going out so I can recover faster and not spread anything – my family and friends appreciate it!

      I’m definitely becoming more of an introvert as I get older and as you say it can be embraced. I look back at years of saying yes to things that I didn’t want to go to (and didn’t always enjoy) but felt I had to. I love quiet nights with my hubby and getaways with just us. Years ago we did holidays with my in-laws and I must say I don’t find group holidays relaxing!

      Thank you – I’m glad I did this post too ❤


  3. People come up and randomly touch your hair? What is this nonsense?
    I definitely think people should stay home when they’re sick. In Germany (where I am from) you basically get “unlimited” sick leave (well, I mean not really, but theoretically… after 6 weeks, the health insurance picks up part of your salary).
    Here in the US, I am lucky to get sick leave at my work, although I have to “earn” it first before can use and it’s “only” 4 hours per pay period (every two weeks).
    I have been better about taking sick leave when I need it, because I have previously (when I switched contracts) lost 3.5 months of sick leave that I had accrued, which I thought was so unfair because I had to “earn” it in the first place. You don’t get nothing for free here.


    • Thankfully it isn’t an everyday thing but was very irritating when I had long hair and some people thought it was an invitation to stroke it. I used to work with someone who would do it and I always found it such a huge invasion of personal space. I’d never do it to a colleague – or anyone else for that matter!

      Lauren mentioned that not every company gives sick leave. I didn’t know that sometimes you had to first earn it. Also didn’t know that you get (theoretically) unlimited sick leave in Germany or that your health insurance picks up part of your salary. 3.5 months of sick leave is alot to accrue!
      I find if I’m ill and take the time to rest I recover faster. There have been times (when I started working years ago) when I felt I had to go in and I’d end up taking longer to get better (plus nobody appreciated me bringing in my germs).


  4. OMG, I love these posts so much, and might have to write one of them myself 🙂

    Uhm, excuse me but “I despise having my hair touched and stroked by people who think I’m a human version of their cat.” WHAT?!?! People actually DO that to you? I remember my friend telling me that people would randomly touch her pregnant belly and I thought that was weird, but what’s with the hair petting? Strange indeed.

    Ugh, the not covering of the mouth is so gross. The other day I sneezed into my hand because it snuck up on me and my coworkers gave me a hard time. USE YOUR ARMPIT! Like, yes, that sounds like sound advice, but it happened so fast! LOL, anyway, so proud of you for cycling and really getting into your groove 🙂


    • https://my30somethingadventures.wordpress.com/

      Hair petting drives me mad – it was worse when my hair was very long. For some reason a long ponytail is an invite to some people to stroke it. Such an invasion of personal space.

      Coughing into the open really grosses me out. I have not heard of the armpit but I have seen people using the inside of their elbow which also works. I think anything except just sitting spluttering at anyone near you, is preferable!

      I am loving the cycling at the moment and even with winter here, I’m determined to keep my fitness goals going. On super cold days I might do a spin class 🙂


  5. It’s funny to think of the other half of the world dealing with cold weather. I agree about the sickness/germs thing. I don’t have a phobia or anything, but it annoys me when people who are sick don’t stay home. I stay home and miss out on parties/work/etc. You can, too, until you’re healthy! I love cooking shows, too! They inspire me in the winter!


    • https://my30somethingadventures.wordpress.com/

      Yes exactly! I’ve missed out on things because I stayed home and didn’t want to make other people sick but the favour isn’t always returned!
      I love cooking shows and have for quite some time now. I am addicted to My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef 🙂


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