Friday gratitude

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Well hello Friday – you certainly took your time.

This week was a long one and I didn’t get to gym as often as I’d have liked to but I cut down on junk food, ate out less and did meal planning which once I got into was actually easy.

My gratitude list for this week includes:

  • Finally found shoes for cycling!  Found a pair by Giro and they are so comfortable.  They are not clip ons – I’m not ready to try those just yet.
  • Sushi for dinner on Friday night.  It was a great start to the weekend.
  • Visiting the Northern Cape on Saturday – seeing the Quiver trees was absolutely amazing.  Well worth the early start and long drive (total km’s travelled was over 500).

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Pic 1

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  • Relaxed Sunday – did a bit of housework and went to gym
  • Going for a run after work on Tuesday and being so glad I did it afterwards
  • Fresh fruit with plain yoghurt
  • The cold weather hasn’t quite started and we had a lovely Wednesday evening, sitting on the bench outside in our garden
  • Red cappucchino at lunchtime yesterday
  • Healthy dinners from Sunday to last night
  • Getting lost in a book.  Currently reading “Silent Voices” by Ann Cleeves and cannot put it down.

I was hoping to go for a cycle tomorrow but other than that we have no plans and I love weekends where anything is possible but nothing is scheduled.  We are thinking of lunch somewhere nice on Sunday or a brunch – we’ll see 🙂


10 Comments on “Friday gratitude

  1. Wow, those trees are so cool! They look so neat! I can imagine they are even better in person! And more sushi? Man alive you are giving me cravings! Fruit and yogurt is so good together! Maybe I’m just hungry, lol. I hope you have a great weekend!



      They are really amazing – I had an idea of what it would be like but actually standing in front of them was even better. I don’t seem to get tired of sushi – I can eat it today and crave it again tomorrow lol!


  2. “…weekends where anything is possible but nothing is scheduled” <well, that just sounds like a tiny slice of heaven to me 🙂 I love weekends like that, too. That's amazing that you've been getting outdoors, eating healthier, and filling your head and heart with fresh air and new adventures. 🙂 loved reading this–and those little Quiver trees are so interesting! Hope you have a lovely weekend, whatever you end up doing! XOXO



      I agree Charlotte – those sorts of weekends are the best. I feel that enough time in the week is spent rushing around.
      Being outdoors and seeing new things was the highlight of that weekend – the Quiver trees are really amazing and even better in real life.
      Hope your weekend was wonderful xoxo.


  3. Lovely photos! Sorry to hear it was a bit of a slow week, but it sounds like you got some great things in. I hope you have a really nice weekend. I have a couple possible plans but that’s about it. I’m hoping to work on some blog stuff!




      Thank you Lauren!
      I also need to work on some blog stuff sometime. I have my new one but am still posting on this one.
      Hope your weekend was great.



      I cannot wait to go back – we are hoping for better weather because in the sun they look even more stunning.


  4. Those trees are amazing! I’m grateful for feeling better – I’ve finally got rid of the flu after nearly 2 weeks – and finally being able to get out for a run! Hope you had an ace weekend!



      It was a great weekend thanks! Glad you are over your flu – so much going around with the change of seasons. Hope you had a great run.


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