Humpday confessions

Midweek confessions 2

#1  I shamelessly recycled a gift last week.  It was something that was given to me with zero thought and so I palmed it off on someone who has rarely displayed a shred of thoughtfulness.  It felt good.

#2  The gift was (for some odd reason) appreciated so I feel like I decluttered and did a good deed at the same time.  That is called multitasking.

#3  I’m getting too old to pretend “lets catch up sometime – I haven’t seen you in months/years” dinners are enjoyable.  I was chatting to a work friend about this today.  We agreed that sometimes there are people who feel it necessary to catch up with those they rarely see and it is almost like they need to tick off a task on a to-do list.

  • Meeting at 9:00am – DONE
  • Phone for hairdresser appointment – DONE
  • Meet up with people not seen in a year – E-MAIL SENT!
  • Follow up repeatedly – DONE!

Please don’t!

At 35 I know who my real friends are and am extremely grateful for them.  They know how I felt after I lost my Gran a year and half ago and how stressful this year has been with my Mom in and out of hospital.  They offered kind words, thoughtful messages and knew what I was going through.  So those are the friends I feel that I should be making time for.

#4  Unless it is a cooking show like My Kitchen Rules or Masterchef I don’t watch much reality TV these days.

#5  I’ve been eating loads of sushi lately.  I find it so convenient to get a platter after work after a long day.  And no cooking with few dishes to wash is a win-win!

#6  I’ve had the is-it-Friday-yet feeling since Monday morning.  And I’m struggling to understand how today is only Wednesday.

#7  I’ve officially given up on hoping my hair is going to grow.  I’ve never had it grow so slowly.  EVER.

#8  I can see myself in the future as an elderly person with this same bob I’m wearing now.  “Oh this” I will say “this is the haircut I had in October 2017”.

#9  I keep laughing out loud at random parts of old episodes of “Life in Pieces”.  I want to be like Jen when I grow up.

#10  I’m wondering if tonight is for gym or for relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine.  A case of head vs heart!


14 Comments on “Humpday confessions

  1. Sushi is life. I am envious of your sushi dinners! I’ve totally re-gifted gifts before, especially when they were ones that were not well thought out. No shame in that game!



      Oh I love sushi so much!
      So glad I’m not the only present re-gifter. It was something given almost a month AFTER my birthday that just shouted “this is part of a buy 2 get 1 free special”.


  2. Having lived in many places, there are friendships where time can go by where we don’t really talk but then can get on the phone or Facetime and catch up and it doesn’t feel like that awkward forced catch up. At the same time, I totally know the feeling you’re talking about as I HAVE felt it with past friendships and I think eventually things just kind of fade away.



      Yes I feel the same – the uncomfortable forced catch up is not fun. When a friendship has run its course and you literally have nothing in common but one person keeps trying to meet up – it is tiring.
      I spelt it out in an e-mail that my Mom had been ill and things were hectic and there was no concern or interest just a short “let me know when you can make it”. I draw the line at that because that isn’t a friendship!


  3. Oh gosh, I love Jen from Life in Pieces. She’s hilarious and I totally want to be her when I grow up. There are definitely friends I don’t see often, but it is fun to catch up once in a blue moon…but I make more time for those that really know me/keep in touch with me. If it was some random person from high school or something? Yeah…no thanks.




      Jen is so funny and her comments are always brilliant – love the show so much!

      I agree that it can be nice to catch up with a good friend you haven’t seen in a while (if a friend lives far away like a close friend of mine does). We catch up when she is in the country and it is great. But sometimes an old friendship runs it course and one feels pushed into meeting up for a catch up a couple oftimes a year. I sometimes get the feeling that some people like the thought of having friends but don’t actually know how to be one or cannot be bothered to put in the effort. It takes 1 minute to e-mail and show concern when someone is going through something but when they have time on their hands they want to cram in a dinner or lunch catch up.


  4. I agree about those friendships. There are some friends I’ve had that I only talk to about once a month, but that’s because they don’t live in the same time zone, so we catch up when we can (and no forced dinners!). I cut out those fake and forced friendships in the last year or so, and feel so much better! I used to get really anxious about those dinners/get togethers. I also never feel bad about regifting lol. If I don’t like a gift and I can’t return it, I regift or sell. But I *do* try to be thoughtful about it, like if I think they would actually like or use whatever it is. And I’m with you- it feels like it should be at least Thursday! Hope the rest of the week goes quicker for you!



      I never enjoy a forced lunch/dinner/catch up – I feel like we only have so many hours in a day and I’d rather save my time to spend with people close to me – who actually know me.
      I know distance and different time zones can be tricky – I have friends overseas so Whatsapp and e-mail is really convenient.

      A family member of mine had a hilarious experience one time with re-gifting. She gave a relative something really nice and for her next birthday she received the same gift back. The giver didn’t even try re-gift properly! At least I remembered who gave me the thoughtless gift LOL!


  5. Wondering if you ended up going with head or heart tonight??

    I swear I could eat sushi all day, too! I had hibachi with girlfriends earlier and it was magical. I got the sushi though, of course 🙂

    I know what you mean. Would much rather invest my efforts into friendships that are mutually beneficial and with people who aren’t just crossing me off a list of obligatory to-dos. No more fair weather friends!

    Hope you’re having a great week! Xo



      I went with heart! The weather was great – we are having a few warmer days (stay away winter LOL) – and hubby and I sat outside relaxing after work.
      Sushi is one of my favourites right now and I agree I could eat it everyday and not get tired of it.

      My feeling is that if someone has to constantly be the one to push their friends into these catch ups (I never initiate the invite) then perhaps it is a sign that the friendship has run its course?
      I’m terrible at hinting and hoping a point will be made (I’ve learnt one needs to be blunt).

      Many years ago hubby and I were in a supper club that was a nightmare to get out of. Again we were too polite in the start. When it was our turn to pick a restaurant we’d stall and put it off for as long as possible. I just kept hoping the other couple would get the hint that we were not interested and preferred to spend time with our actual friends. Thankfully it fizzled out years ago and we were so relieved.



  6. lol, okay I tried to leave a comment last night but due to “user error” I gave up and am back this morning.

    I love this post and regarding friends, its funny how the older we get, the more okay we find ourselves with quality vs quantity.



      Sometimes I also have to try twice to leave comments on blogs – or it looks like I haven’t made one and then two appear! Thanks for re-visiting 🙂

      You know I also thought of the importance of quality vs quantity while writing this. I feel if a person has a few close friends who are there for them that is worth so much more than a huge group that doesn’t really know one.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. As I’ve gotten older, I’m all about quality over quantity with friendships. And being an ex-pat with so many friends, literally a world apart, we’re lucky that our friendship does not depend on being together! When friendships are forced, they’re not really friendships at all, don’t you think?! I’ve swapped all the reality TV for Nordic Noir – my new favourite genre 🙂



      I agree – quality over quantity. Unfortunately not everyone sees it that way 😦 And no matter how forced a get together with someone you rarely see it is difficult to get out of. I find a forced friendship very draining and as I get older I don’t have time for it.
      I had to google Nordic Noir – it sounds interesting!


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