Despite being a 3 day week for me (sore throat that wouldn’t go away and was going to my chest) it still felt like a long week.  Work has been busy, the weather cold and I’ve not had the highest level of energy while taking every sore throat remedy I can find.

Also since I’ve gotten into cycling I’ve been wanting to get cycling shoes (but not the ones with cleats) which leaves me with very few options.  Finding a pair that fits comfortably has turned into an impossible task (what is up with my feet?)

So I’m ready for Friday and am counting down the minutes to 4:00pm.

My gratitude list for the week includes:

  • Sushi for dinner last Friday
  • Catching up with one of my Aunts on Saturday morning. We had breakfast and ended up chatting for over 2 and a half hours
  • New cycling shorts and jacket. So comfortable – cannot wait to get back on my bike
  • Clinique goodies – I had to stock up on some toner and night cream and treated myself to some new make up.
  • Strava – so glad I joined and it was cool seeing my activity for April.
  • Finally sorted out the bathroom cabinet.  And did another shelf of the linen cupboard (1 to go).
  • Rain!! Started Monday night and we got more on Tuesday.
  • Feeling better after staying home 2 days this week. Sore throat seems to be going.  I slept so much and staying in my jim jams, keeping warm and just taking time to get better really helped.
  • Finished reading “The year that changed everything” by Cathy Kelly and loved it.  Going to do a book review soon.

This evening we are just going to do some grocery shopping and then have a quiet evening ahead.  Tomorrow we have an adventure planned – hoping the weather plays along as it is an amazing place for photography (I’ll hopefully do a post on it next week).  Sunday I’m hoping to fit in a slow cycle – feel like I haven’t exercised in ages and know I have to take it slow.

What is on your gratitude list this week?


12 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Beth says:

    Sushi is one of my favorites, that sounds so good! I’m glad you are getting some more rain, I know how much you need it! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    • says:

      It is a favourite of mine too! I ended up having more on Friday after work 🙂


  2. kimberlymunoz says:

    Yay for a new hobby! Cycling is a good one! I have the hardest time finding shoes because my feet are so very flat! It’s a pain! I’m glad to hear you are feeling better! Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to hear and see what this adventure is 🙂


    • says:

      I finally found a pair on Friday evening! It has been such a pain finding a pair that fitted.
      The adventure was great and I’ll do a post this week still. Longest distance we have travelled for a day trip and well worth it 🙂


  3. Lauren Becker says:

    Yay for getting some rain. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. I had a rough week with crazy allergies, so I feel you! It’s not fun. Hopefully you have nice weather for your adventure this weekend. Can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂



    • says:

      Sorry your allergies have been bad – hope you are feeling better now.
      We had good weather for the adventure! It drizzled on the way but we managed to get great photos later in the morning. Will do a post this week still.


  4. Charlotte says:

    Awww, so sorry to hear you have been under the weather and hope you feel better soon and that you can take some time this weekend to relax and recover!

    I love sushi!! And conversations with family members ❤ glad you have such a nice relationship with your aunt!

    I look forward to seeing your book review—I haven’t heard of that one! Xoxo and hope you have a lovely weekend with fun adventures 🙂


    • says:

      Thanks Charlotte – it is the second sore throat that took ages to go away and our winter has just arrived!
      We had a very relaxing weekend – hope you did too 🙂
      My Aunt and I try meet up every few months for a catch up – we e-mail regularly but it is great meeting for a long breakfast – the time just flew.
      I must do that book review soon – I really enjoy Cathy Kelly’s books and I think this was one of my favourites that she’s written.


  5. Lecy | A Simpler Grace says:

    Yay for sushi! It’s been pretty rainy here, lately, but I won’t complain because there are so many parts of the world that need it desperately. I used to love stocking up on Clinique during their semi-annual sales. They have some great products!


    • says:

      With our drought we are all so happy for rain – we just need so much more.
      I love Clinique – their products are great and I’ve been using them for over a decade. The gift with purchase promotions are always fun 🙂


  6. Lindsay says:

    Hey hun,
    Short weeks are the worst, no matter if you’re sick or well, I find they’re just brutal and LONG.
    Please share if you purchase some cycling shoes. I do not have clip ins nor do I want them because I know damn well I’ll fall on my face. So walk myself into that mess? Lol.

    That book sounds good. I’m gonna try to find that. 😉
    I hope you’ve had a good week and you’re keep well my friend. 🙂 xoxo


    • says:

      Yes I finally got a pair! They are by Giro and can be used for cycling (and hiking according to the website). They can also be converted to clip on shoes which is nice to know.
      I’ve had quite a few people tell me I need to get clip ons and that practicising in the gym is an idea. So I’ll give it some thought but been new to cycling I am doing it at my pace. Very worried about falling if I don’t clip out on time when stopping.

      Hope you had a good week so far and that you have a great weekend xoxo.


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