Hello May!

The weather is getting chilly and I’ve had to pack away my sandals and find my warmer clothes while I mutter about how much I don’t like winter.  I’m the person who goes to work in a dress and open shoes for as long as she can when the cold weather starts.

“I won’t let winter win” I mutter in the office when people ask why I’m dressed for summer at the end of April.

“I won’t give in” I’ll say as I shiver waiting for the kettle to boil so I can warm up with a cup of tea (proudly wearing sandals and a slightly frozen expression).

Last week I admitted defeat and put on something warm.  I’m not happy.  But I’m warmer so that is something.

I’m not winters biggest fan.  I sometimes wonder if I was meant to be a bear/hedgehog/bat so I could hibernate during winter and then wake up in the spring looking thinner and ready for the warmer weather.  But here I am in a cardigan and stockings grimacing at the cold and dark mornings.

And everyone else’s blog is about spring and the warmer weather.  And I’m happy for everyone.  Really I am.


I know we couldn’t have summer forever.  It just seems to get more difficult to say goodbye each year.

Outside the office I can see the leaves changing and turning red and orange.  I’ve decided this year I’ll make a list of winter goals and it will make the colder months more enjoyable.

Until then at least my toes are happy in closed shoes and my massive cardigan collection will come in handy.



12 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Lauren Becker says:

    Aww, the dog’s face! Yeah, I imagine reading posts about spring/summer is difficult when winter is just now coming. Yay for fun cardigans though. And making winter goals or even a fun bucket list sounds like a great idea.



    • says:

      That dog is just so cute – his expression is priceless 🙂

      I love my cardigans so much so I guess that is a good thing about cold weather and with my goals/fun bucket list I’m hoping winter is more bearable.


  2. Kimberly (@momgosomething) says:

    Oh that dog’s face is everything. No, don’t you dare let winter win. Keep on them flippy floppy’s (like maybe just keep them by your under the desk heater just so your tootsies don’t fall off).
    I dislike that it’s your winter but I do love that you’re going to make the best of it by making goals. Fight it girl. Fight it!


    • says:

      Couldn’t resist that cute dog’s face!
      I’m wearing an old but comfy cardigan today and leggings under a dress so I feel like I’m still getting the last word haha! I know your winters are way colder than ours so I mustn’t complain but I seriously prefer spring and summer.
      Enjoy your warmer weather – hope you have an awesome summer.


  3. Beth says:

    Having just survived the world’s longest winter (or so it felt!) I feel you! You will get through it, don’t let Winter win! I send you all the sunshine and warmth I can!


    • says:

      I know you had a long and very cold winter and must be so happy with your spring weather! And you had all that snow! We don’t get such low temperatures here so I guess I mustn’t complain too much – just miss my sandals haha!


  4. Lecy | A Simpler Grace says:

    I’m the same way, friend. I find myself hunkering down when winter draws near. I much prefer warmer weather clothes and sandals. Hoping your winter is short and that your cardigans keep you warm through it! ❤


    • says:

      Thanks Lecy – I’ve done the whole changing my wardrobe from summer clothes to winter now so getting dressed in the mornings is easier. Just love summer clothes and shoes so much more! Even when I go shopping for winter things I’ll end up buying another pair of sandals haha!


    • says:

      Completely agree Trish – it is easy to let it consume one. Sorry you had such a long winter – I hope your summer is wonderful – enjoy 🙂


    • says:

      I’ve seen so many bloggers have said they had such a cold and long winter. You must be so glad it is warming up by you! Enjoy your warmer weather 🙂


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