Currently: April

Watching:  “This is Us” “Life in pieces” “Man with a plan” “American housewife”

Reading:  City of friends by Joanna Tollope

Enjoying:  Cycling again!  Cycled 30km’s on Saturday.

Eating:  Less red meat and more chicken with vegetables.

Drinking:  Loads of tea.

Laughing:  at last night. We were supposed to meet hubby’s parents for dinner.  Due to a miscommunication we ended up at different restaurants.  Same name, different branch. They phoned to ask if we were running late while we were wondering if they were stuck in traffic.  Had a nice evening when they eventually arrived (at the correct branch).

Looking forward to:  3 day weekend

Grateful:  for the rain we had yesterday and more which is predicted.

Feeling:  like rubbish after changing my contraception.  I went with a convenient option many years ago and am paying the price.  I feel completely horrendous and I think the only people who haven’t pissed me off or who I haven’t had words with are those I haven’t yet met.

Hoping:  this will pass SOON.


18 Comments on “Currently: April

  1. I think biking is my absolute favorite way to exercise! 30 km is pretty hardcore though, I don’t think I’ve ever gone that far at once, probably 10 miles is all I’ve done.


    • I really felt it the next day but this past weekend I managed 35km and felt better the next day. It is a great way to exercise 🙂


  2. Yay for biking again and yay for more rain! I know how much you need that rain! Too funny about the mix up with your inlaws. That happened to us about a month ago too, and we also laughed and laughed about it once we were all in the right spot!


    • It was such a funny start to the evening – glad others can relate!
      Oh yes we really need the rain so we are so grateful. We got quite a bit and every drop helps with this drought. We hope for plenty more this winter!


  3. I was a total B on wheels when I changed contraceptives many years ago, so I can totally empathize. Also irrationally hormonal for no good reason at all! I hope you start to feel better soon and sending all my ❤

    LOL this is something that would happen to me, too. I'd sit at the wrong restaurant and just be like, "HELLOOO?! No, I'M IN THE PARTY ROOM." lol Awesome for biking! And hope you are having a great week, my sweet! OX


    • The smallest of things can upset me these days – I cannot wait until it is finally out of my system!

      We all had a laugh about the restaurant miscommunication – it was really funny and an interesting start to the evening.
      Hope you had a wonderful weekend xoxo


  4. Okay, so I actually got Hulu JUST so I could watch This is Us. But I’ve only seen the first two episodes because MAN do I CRY. So I’ve been hung up on the Mindy Project because they’re so lighthearted and easy to watch. But I’ve heard rave reviews about This is Us and I know I just need to grab a box of tissues and just DO It!


    • I go through so many tissues!! There is just so much feeling in each episode and the cast is so amazing. The way it moves from present to past is done brilliantly. I think I’ve heard of the Mindy Project – will look out for it.


  5. This Is Us seems to make everyone cry – although I did shed a few tears watching a recent Blue Bloods episode. You can have some of our rain. Our playing grounds are under water! #swampsoccer


    • Yes please send us your rain! We were so excited to get some awesome rain last week – we are hoping it is a good sign for plenty more this winter. Hope your grounds were drier for this last weekend?

      This is Us is really amazing. I haven’t watched Blue Bloods – I must look out for it.

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    • If you try it please watch from the first episode because so much happens! It is a brilliant show 🙂


    • Life in Pieces is so funny and I love the Mom in American Housewife – so different from when she was in Mike and Molly as Victoria.
      The dinner was good and it makes such a funny story 🙂


    • So envious that your spring is arriving while we say goodbye to summer 😦 Enjoy every moment 🙂


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