Hump day confessions

I see these posts on other blogs sometimes and thought I’d give it a go…..

Confession no. 1:  I’ve got my head in the sand about winter. Pretending it isn’t around the corner by wearing dresses and sandals most days at work. I bought myself a lovely cardigan but I refuse to do more than look at it when I open the cupboard in the morning.  Not ready to pack away my floral dresses just yet.

Confession no. 2:  I have always done my own nails and had them short but now have discovered gel overlays.  Oh my word – what took me so long to try this?  And I haven’t done anything to my nails so they have grown quite long.

Confession no. 3:  due to having long nails for the first time in years I’m battling to type at times but I feel this is a small sacrifice for pretty nails.

Confession no. 4:  My parents moved last year and are 2 hours away. We are closer now and more in contact than when they lived 5 minutes away.  I grew up in a house which was often filled with visitors and a doorbell that never stopped ringing.  Only as an adult (and after realising I’m an introvert) did I realise why I felt it was sometimes invasive.  It is not that I am anti-social – it is was just that we seemed to be the household that everyone my parents knew felt they could just rock up and park off at.  My parents are amazing hosts but I feel that they were sometimes taken advantage of and it upset me.

Now when we visit we actually get to have a conversation with them instead of watching them run around after everyone, getting them eats and something to drink.  A conversation gets to be about my parents, sister and us.  Not a visitor.  Not who needs more coffee.  When I tell my parents something these days they have the time to hear and take in what I’m saying.  They have made amazing friends – I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few but nobody falls through their doorway from sunrise to sunset expecting to be fed and entertained.  Everyone respects their time and space.

Confession 5:  I have always refused to have a doorbell.  This could be linked to the above.

Confession 6:  I’m often shocked at how much tea I drink! I start off the day with good intentions to match each cup of tea with a glass of water but seldom does this happen. Sometimes I’ve had 3 cups of tea before 9:00am.

Confession 7:  I detest throwing things away in the belief that I’ll need that random piece of paper/receipt/post-it/ reminder one day.  This means I’ve still got my work diary from 2006.

Confession 8:  On Monday hubby and I were supposed to start our week off with a super healthy dinner.  I was going to make a grocery list.  We were going to go to the supermarket.  But then we found ourselves at our favourite restaurant and that was that.

Confession 9:  I cannot get the most recent episode of “This is Us” out of my head.  It was the Superbowl Sunday episode and I knew we were going to find out how Jack died but it was just so incredibly sad.  I ate alot of ice-cream while I watched it with a wet face.

Confession 10:  we are out of ice-cream.

Well that felt good.  What would you like to get off your chest?


17 thoughts on “Hump day confessions

  1. Beth says:

    LOL at your last confessions – we are out of ice cream especially after reading the one above it, haha! And can I confess I kind of want it to be your winter so I can finally have my spring/summer? I’m so tired of cold! I don’t blame you for not wanting it to come though!


    • says:

      It was such a sad episode – I felt I needed that ice-cream LOL.
      You must be so ready for summer – I’ve seen you guys had a really cold winter and so much snow.


  2. Lisa says:

    We’re just coming out of winter, but I never put my sweaters or cardigans away! I’ll change to brighter, more cheerful colors because where I work, they always have the air conditioning so cold.
    Can I confess here that I’ve never seen an episode of “This is Us”?


    • says:

      At least you put your sweaters and cardigans to use all year round!
      Yes of course – I know of quite a few people who don’t watch it. It isn’t for everyone – but just watching the first episode of season 1 was enough to get me hooked. There is just so much feeling in each episode (cannot describe it better than that) and the characters are so good.


  3. San says:

    I think drinking tea is a perfect substitute for water (especially if you drink it unsweetened and if it’s herbal tea). I pretty much hydrate exclusively with tea in the winter (minus the electrolyte drinks I use for workout replenishment) 🙂

    We’re out of ice-cream too. (NOOOOOOOO!)


    • says:

      Unfortunately my tea is just ordinary tea with milk and sometimes honey. I keep meaning to try a healthy herbal tea – is there any you recommend? I didn’t enjoy a green tea I tried a while back – found it had a strong taste and eventually I just gave up drinking it.


  4. Lauren Becker says:

    That’s great that you are closer to your parents now and can really visit with them when you DO see them. That’s wonderful.

    I really need to drink more water. I’d do more tea or something instead, but I just don’t like warm drinks. I know, I’m weird like that. LOL

    I have a doorbell – but it doesn’t work. 😉



    • says:

      It is quite a blessing – I told my Mother the other day that I’m so happy they have made wonderful friends since moving but it is great that their space and time is respected.

      I seem to drink warm drinks all year round but more in winter to warm me up. What do you enjoy in the colder weather?

      LOL at doorbell 😉


  5. Charlotte says:

    Hahah I love these!!! Omg that episode of This Is Us — wah! I was a soggy mess watching that too. Thank god for ice cream. And I can understand that having visitors around the clock would sometimes feel like an invasion of privacy. Though I suppose a part of me welcomes it now bc we have such a small apartment and so I’m excited to have a lot of visitors one day. One day!

    Love that you joined in this week—also I really would love to try this manicure. My nails take a beating and I hear the gel manis stay on much longer.



    • says:

      I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet – last weeks one was so sad! Thank goodness for the ice-cream in the freezer!

      My parents loved hosting over the years but many people were a bit lazy and just took advantage which really got to me. They were too polite in my opinion!
      How is the house hunting going? Hoping it is going well and you have seen some homes you like. I’m sure you are looking forward to entertaining when you are moved in and have made the new house a home.

      The gel overlays I had really lasted well and I’m impressed. However I must stress that having them applied properly and then removed carefully is so important. I’ve heard so many stories of people damaging their nails or weakening them when they try remove it themselves.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Charlotte says:

        Hi Anthea!! Good to be here today and hope you are having a great week 🙂 the house hunting… so stressful! Part of me just wants to get it over with at this point, but I know it’s a big decision so fingers crossed we are in the home stretch’s. Sending all my xoxo and look forward to hearing from you—always!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Lecy | A Simpler Grace says:

    I have never had fake nails before, but am tempted. The gel overlays always look so perfect and like they hold up for a long time. Sometimes, it’s good to toss aside plans to be healthy for your favorite restaurant. And now I’m craving ice cream!


    • says:

      I’ve been wanting to try them for ages and had it done again this last Saturday. I’m so used to having nail polish chip that watching the overlays grow out was a novelty!
      Yes I agree – it felt good putting aside good intentions and just having a burger and chips instead!


  7. Kimberly (@momgosomething) says:

    I am laughing hard at the doorbell confession! Reason being, our doorbell’s plastic part cracked in half and as the weather worked on it, the wires exposed…so basically…no one wants to use the doorbell. So people have to knock. If we are in the basement, no one hears. I love it. Signed, introvert.
    Hee hee.
    i really want to try gel nails. My sister has them and they look so wonderful. The only thing is, she has to get them redone a lot because they grow out fast. I think that might be typical for all nail things (overlays if that what you call them?). But they look so lovely!
    I drink tea too! LOVE it. So comforting. Maybe not as much as you though LOL! I have a hard time matching water to tea as well. i think I’m much better when it comes to summer but during the cooler months? Forget it!


    • says:

      Wow your doorbell is as effective as no doorbell! Brilliant!
      Love the “signed, introvert”. I seriously find ininvited guests to be the worst. My parents were too polite (I told them numerous times) over the years. For ages I felt like I was being anti-social but it is downright rude to fall through someones doorway just because they are home and you have time on your hands. I’d never do that and many people I know wouldn’t either.

      I’m glad I tried the overlays. There are so many different types – gel and gellish and these are gel overlays which I understand is different. It is just very important to have it carefully applied and removed (don’t try remove it at home – that is what I was told).

      With winter coming I plan to drink even more tea guilt-free 🙂


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