Book review: Surprise me by Sophie Kinsella

Surprise me

Dan and Sylvie have been together for 10 years and live a happy but predictable life.  They have twin daughters, comfortable jobs and life plods along pleasantly.  On a visit to the Dr they are told they are very healthy and can expect to live over 60 more years.

This good news however fills them with panic.  They find themselves asking if they want to be together for over 6 more decades.  So Sylvie comes up with a plan to surprise each other and ends up with more than she bargained for.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella’s books.  From the shopaholic series to her stand alone books – I’ve read most of them and enjoyed each one.  So I was excited to see there was a new one out and I had high expectations for “Surprise me”.  Unfortunately this was my least favourite book of hers.

I found Sylvie to be odd from the start.  She’s lived a priveledged life but carries around huge daddy issues.  When she finds out she’s got a long and healthy life ahead of her, she panics.  Seriously, who takes health for granted?  What a First World “problem” to have!  I felt sorry for her husband from early on in the book.  There is a surprise of note – quite a shocker – towards the end but it does little to save the story.

It isn’t often I regret buying a book but this was one of those times.


8 thoughts on “Book review: Surprise me by Sophie Kinsella

  1. Beth says:

    I’m sorry to hear it was a disappointment. I don’t think I’ve heard many positive reviews about this book, so I guess I’m glad to know it’s one I can skip! Hopefully you’ll find another good book to read soon!


    • says:

      I’m hoping so too. Currently reading a book that I’m getting into slowly – hopefully it picks up and I can do a review soon.


    • says:

      I have loved all her other books – the shopaholic series was great and the stand alone books she’s written were brilliant.


    • says:

      Would be interested to hear what you think 🙂 I’ve loved all her other books – this is the first that left me dissapointed.


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