My OLW recap


I wrote about my OLW (One Little Word) for 2018 at the beginning of the year.

I chose the word release and I’ve realised that while I had the best intentions, I haven’t been very good at putting my OLW into practice everyday.

Old habits surfaced not long after the countdown on New Years Eve. I reminded myself that it was a daily exercise and that it needs to be practiced regularly to become a habit. So this is what I’ve done so far.

  •  I’ve put the ‘unfollow’ and ‘mute’ options on FB and Twitter into good use. Those that just want to fill my timeline with negativity (as well as those that just want to clog it with endless brag posts) are getting an unfollow.  A few weeks ago I logged onto FB and could feel my blood pressure rise at a smug share of an article guaranteed to get a reaction.

I just sat there asking myself why are you wasting your time (and data) on this rubbish?? Unfollow! So I did.

  • I’ve stopped visiting websites that don’t bring joy. I’m over pretending various entertainment websites are adding anything to my life. Same with a few magazines which I used to enjoy reading. I feel like some articles are meant to add insecurity not happiness – and I’m over that. I don’t care who wore what better. Knowing how someone snubbed someone else in Hollywood is not going to add anything to my day, never mind my life. I prefer spending time catching up on the blogs or reading a book.
  • Releasing clutter. Often I hang onto something because I’m a sentimental old bat and cannot part with stuff. So I’ve accumulated a lot of unnecessary things because someone special gave me something decades ago. You know how it goes.   So I started with the kitchen cupboards and am pleased with my efforts so far.  The other day I tackled a shelf in the linen cupboard. I’m getting there.
  • Realising that there are a couple of people in my life who will never change but I don’t need to let them get to me.  Ignore, ignore, ignore.  Then repeat.  I refuse to downplay something awesome because some people are incapable of being happy for others. Hubby and I have distanced ourselves from two toxic people who think that they can take-take-take and give nothing but rudeness in return. Don’t need that in our lives and spelling that out last week was very enjoyable.

Did you choose a OLW for 2018? If so, how is it going as you put it into practice?


13 Comments on “My OLW recap

  1. It is so hard to let those people go sometimes, but we are so much better for it! I have put the ignore into practice on FB quite a bit also. Sometimes it’s just necessary. I think it’s also good to check in on your OLW. I have been doing pretty well with mine (nourish) but I do need to remind myself every once and awhile.


    • Totally agree Beth. Sometimes we hold on to people or things that make us unhappy and once we decide to do what is best for us we feel better.
      So glad that you are doing well with your word – I love the one you chose and think it is essential these days when everyone is stressed and saying no seems impossible!


  2. i’ve muted or unfollowed every annoying person on facebook whether that be friends or family. not that THEY are annoying but what they post is annoying. girl, bye; i have no time for that. the only groups i follow are a buy/sell group, UPS dogs and my cousin who is travelling in south korea. facebook is so much better now! lol


    • Yes Kathy – I know what you mean. Sometimes I unfollow and it isn’t because I don’t like that person – it is just that they are posting stuff to get a reaction and irritate people. Or smug updates that make me wish I’d missed their friend request haha! What I enjoy about FB is that I can catch up on what friends overseas are up to. I don’t see my best friend often because of the distance.


  3. Yes! I have loved using the mute and follow features on social media. They have been a lifesaver! I am going through a decluttering phase too. Sounds like you are having a great year so far!


    • I didn’t always know about them but glad I figured out how to activate 🙂 Decluttering is so therapeutic at times – I’m finding that clutter actually stresses me out if I leave it too long.


  4. I’ve muted people on Facebook before – they are still muted, so it’s something that more people should do. You don’t have to unfollow if you’re worried about how they (or who they know) will react, but muting takes away the problem of having to see what they write/post all the time.



    • I’ve used unfollow on FB and mute on Twitter and it is brilliant! Some people post so many times a day and I don’t feel I need to see everything all the time so it is a really great feature.


    • That is a lovely word – brings to mind so many things and I’m glad you are doing well so far.


  5. I like sharing adorable animal stories on FB. It spreads a lot more joy and unity than all of the hate pieces out there!
    When I need to purge my clutter I wait for a “heartless mood” to come on. If I’m emotionally weak and sentimental I know that I won’t get rid of anything. Lol
    I HATE the ‘who wore it better’ articles. STOP COMPARING WOMEN TO OTHER WOMEN. (Or men to men. Just, no, not ok.)


    • Animal articles that spread joy are awesome. I follow that dog Tuna – not sure if you have heard of him?
      Yes to heartless mood and purging – can totally relate 🙂


  6. Release is a hard one, but definitely a word I need to put into practice more, too! I think you’ve been doing a great job!


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