Our Sun City holiday

Last month Mark and I went to one of our favourite places – Sun City!  We love going there because it has so much to see and do.  We flew up one Saturday morning and checked into a B & B in Rustenberg.  This way we could add 2 days to our holiday.  We drove to Pilanesberg National Park on the Saturday and got some great sightings before we left to go have dinner.

The view from the balcony at the B & B was so beautiful – the garden was stunning.


Early Sunday morning, Mark drove back to Pilanesberg and I had a lie in and a leisurely breakfast (I knew we were returning in the afternoon so I chilled out).  The weather was warm but not uncomfortably hot and that afternoon we spent hours driving around the Park which was instant relaxation for me.  I always feel like I leave stress behind when I’m in nature.

We checked out the next day and drove to Sun City.  Had breakfast at the Lost City Golf Course (I love their restaurant) and walked around before check in.  Did some grocery shopping and that evening we had a braai and lovely evening in our comfortable apartment.  I love a good braai and on holiday they just taste better!


We visited the park throughout the week and enjoyed some amazing sightings.  Hubby got some awesome photos which obviously my humble phone camera cannot capture but here are a few of my snaps!


Elephants.  We were amazed at how close some got and a couple of times had to reverse to get out of their way!


Giraffes – so graceful and elegant!


Warthogs who had enjoyed fun in some mud!


Loads of Zebras


Black-backed Jackals


Beautiful Lionness.  This was a breathtaking sighting as we were the only car at one stage just watching this Lionness walk and call for her pride.  She walked around our car and was in no hurry to go anywhere.

The sighting of the holiday was on our second last day.  We had hoped to see a Leopard the entire time but during each visit to the Park we tried to not get our hopes up.

Well inbetween a drizzly Thursday afternoon as we drove along with fresh optimism and hope, Mark spotted movement under a tree.  He slowed down and there she was!  A beautiful Leopard who walked in front of the car, stopped to look at me in the passenger side and then walked into some long grass.  It was over in seconds but an amazing experience.  Mark managed to get a stunning photo that he printed and has put up at home – everytime I look at this beautiful Leopard picture I’m transported back to the afternoon and I’m speechless all over again.  They are elusive and not easily spotted.  Seeing one is such a treat and this was our second sighting in two trips.

Kgodisa Female

A new addition to Sun City was the Forest of Lights which we visited one night.  It was beautiful and tranquil walking through the stunning lights.




This was on the way to the Valley of the Waves.  You can see the towers of the Palace sticking out.


We enjoyed a couple of breakfasts (and scones and tea in the afternoon) at Gary Player Golf Club throughout the week.



One evening after spending the afternoon in the Park we drove back to the apartment to find a pack of Mongeese running around outside!


The week flew by and when we checked out on the Friday I was sorry to leave.  Pilanesberg National Park is one of my favourite places and I’m missing it already.


16 Comments on “Our Sun City holiday

  1. Oh my goodness —these photographs are incredible!! It sounds as though you had a wonderful time—with adventure and sightseeing and relaxation. Forgive me; I feel like maybe you mentioned this once but I totally forgot—what is a braai??


    • Thank you Charlotte – these were just taken with my phone – hubby’s are brilliant because he used his camera.
      A braai is the South African version of a barbeque. We put meat on ours as well as sandwiches and on holiday they just taste extra special 🙂


  2. The pictures are amazing! Look at all those animals up close! So fun! It looks like you had a really nice place to stay too. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip!


    • Thank you Beth – it was a great trip and we cannot wait to go back sometime 🙂


    • Thank you San – I wanted to show enough photos without it being an overload 🙂


    • It was amazing how close the animals get at times – it took my breath away!


    • It really is 🙂 I highly recommend it.


  3. What a wonderful escape! We went on safari to South Africa on our honeymoon – we saw four out of the big five but the leopard eluded us – that capture is just magnificent! What a fabulous reminder of time well spent!


    • Sounds like an amazing honeymoon and I’m so glad you saw at least 4 out of the big 5. Leopards are so elusive – we keep thinking about how we would have missed this one if we were seconds earlier or later.


  4. Looks like SUCH a nice and relaxing mini getaway. You know that I love all of Mark’s animal photography, especially the elephants. I have such a connection towards elephants, it’s insane and I find it so very hard to put into words or that people understand. That leopard is just STUNNING, isn’t she? If I was there and taking that shot, I’m SURE of it that I would have held my breath in awe and shock. 🙂


    • It was a great getaway and we added on 2 days which made such a difference – plus we felt relaxed quicker (I don’t like flying and find it stressful – even though it is roughly 2 hours lol).
      Oh my word – I totally agree with the elephants comment – I look at them and just see these gentle giants that are so huge and strong but there is such a sensitivity to them.
      The leopard sighting totally took our breath away – we are still talking about it.


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