March mantras and goals

How is it March already?  It means autumn is around the corner and I am not ready to say goodbye to summer.  I bought really pretty sandals the other day and intend to enjoy them before the weather cools down.

Anyway on the goals front for February, I did appallingly.  Last month’s goals were:

  • Run more often – Nope
  • Read 2 books (minimum) Read 3
  • Sort linen cupboard – Nope.  Looked at it.  Closed door.  Switched on TV.
  • Pack healthy lunches for work – I got back into the habit of ordering lunch at work.  Came up with some ideas for hubby’s lunches. 
  • Cook a new recipe  – Nope.  I watched an immense amount of Masterschef and that was the closest I got to thinking of recipes.
  • Be more mindful – an ongoing goal I don’t manage to achieve as often as I should.
  • Stop letting jealous people get to me – getting there slowly but surely.  Ignored the 2 biggest cannot-be-happy-for-others-unless-we-are-involved-and-or-getting-something-out-of-it people in my life. 

March goals:

  • Sort linen cupboard.  Seriously.
  • Learn to say no more often.
  • Continue water conserving efforts.
  • Blog at least 8 times and include our Sun City holiday and a post on the drought in Cape Town.
  • Plan a spontaneous day trip or weekend away
  • Go to gym more often
  • Read 3 books

Mantras for March:

Quote 1


A rather crappy habit I have is mulling over anything that happened 10 minutes or 10 years ago.  So this quote is so relevant for me.

Quote 2

A wonderful habit I need to get into.

Well there it is.  What are your goals for this month?


8 thoughts on “March mantras and goals

    • says:

      It saves so much money but thinking up ideas for lunch snacks (and sticking to it) is my weakness. We get 2 daily lunch choices here at work which work out cheaper than going to the shop for a sandwhich or pie. I’m always googling healthy lunch options and that is as far as I get 😦


  1. Charlotte says:

    Loved your goals! Also this one totally made me LOL (sounds like something I would do):

    “Sort linen cupboard – Nope. Looked at it. Closed door. Switched on TV.”

    You did a great job last month! And even overachieved by reading an extra book. Go you! I’m trying to get into summer (or at least spring mode) but then I hear we’re getting another (possibly) 12 inches of snow, and there goes that idea (eyeroll emoji here!). Anyway, I’m also trying the healthy route, with more water and meal planning and gym going. Some days are better than others, right?

    Wishing you all the best this month with your goals! Also! I love the last meme you included–positive thinking. It eludes me sometimes!


    • says:

      If you had to see this linen cupboard, you would know what I mean! It has become the cupboard we use to store stuff and about one shelf is actual linen haha. I need to get to it but when I open the door I lose all will to continue!

      You must be so happy that it is nearly your turn for summer. I’m not ready for winter and refusing to dress any warmer in the mornings no matter how chilly it gets.

      I’m really trying with the positive thinking. Been in such a bad mood these past few days and I need to get out of it!

      Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Lindsay says:

    Hey love 🙂
    I love that you opened the linen cupboard and decided nope, not happening. Lol! Sometimes in life we need to do that. Put it off and enjoy the moment.

    I’m looking forward to your post on the drought situation. My bet is you’ll have a few readers that have had no clue this is going on in present day. Every time I turn our tap on, I think of you.

    I love that on your list is to plan a day or weekend away. Sounds fun. Wish you lived closer girl!

    Best of luck to you for the month of March my dear. xoxox


    • says:

      It was a quick and easy decision to close door and put off organising the linen cupboard. It has become such a clutter zone!

      I’m planning the post for next week. We had good news this week – day zero (when the taps are turned off and we might need to queue for water) has been postponed (hopefully for the rest of the year). This is only if we continue our water conserving efforts. The taps at our office has been switched off – water in the kitchen only and to the toilets so we are all doing our bit and hope that there will be lots of rain this winter.

      Wish you lived closer too!



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