Friday at last!

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What a week!  It won’t go down as my favourite or anwhere near the top 1000 for that matter.  I got back from leave on Monday (worst day to return to work because the week ends up feeling like a year).  Side note:  had a fantastic time in Sun City and the post will follow next week.

Anyway this week was incredibly long and busy and there just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  I feel like I’ve been doing a juggling act playing catch up from when I was on leave and every time I tick one thing off the list there are five more urgent things waiting.  Quite frankly I need to learn how to say no.  I cannot wait for 4:00pm to show up so I can get my weekend started.

Each Friday I share my gratitude list and link up with Lindsay Charlotte and Beth called What’s up weekend?  Bloggers share their gratitude lists and it is a great way to start the weekend.  My list this week included:

  • An awesome time in Sun City. Seeing the leopard on our second last day was amazing! Relaxing, being away from work stress and just soaking up the sights and sounds of nature felt so good. I love Pilanesberg National Park and we visited every single day we were away.
  • Coming home on Friday to a spotless home.  Cleaned the day before going on holiday and so glad we did – always feels so good returning to an organised home.
  • My Mom is feeling better – she was in alot of pain earlier this week but got it sorted on Monday.
  • Breakfast at two of our favourite restaurants over the weekend.
  • Bought myself a new dress on Sunday.   Loving navy blue at the moment and don’t know why it took me so long to realise it suits me.
  • Wine after a super shitty day.
  • Roast chicken and comfort food.
  • New slippers
  • Driving on my own and building up my confidence as a driver.  Yes I’ve had my licence for 16 years and no I still don’t enjoy driving.
  • Friday at long last.  Well timed as I have zero patience left for this week.  It has taken my all and I’ve had enough!

Tonight is date night and we are going to the movies and then to dinner.  Cannot wait.  Literally counting down the minutes.

What is on your gratitude list for this week?  Any exciting plans for the weekend?


16 thoughts on “Friday at last!

  1. Beth says:

    Wine after a bad day is pretty much the best, isn’t it? Not that you want to have a bad day, but sometimes it just tastes that much better when you did. I’m excited to hear about your time in Sun City!


    • says:

      I totally agree Beth – it does taste better!
      I’m looking forward to sharing my holiday post – hopefully this week still.


  2. Charlotte says:

    Awww, hope you are enjoying your weekend, my sweet. Sounds like you’re very relieved for last week to be over and here’s hoping this coming week is much kinder to you (cheers!). Thank god for good wine, and movies, and date nights, and yummy restaurants, and getaways to take our minds off of life for awhile, right?? 🙂

    Pics of your new dress, please! XOXO


    • says:

      Had a lovely weekend thank you 🙂 Just what I needed!
      Hoping this week is better! Will take a pic of my dress soon – looking forward to wearing it before the weather cools down.


  3. Emily says:

    I’m so glad that your mother is feeling better. I think it’s always a good idea to clean your house before going on a trip. When you get home, you won’t have to really worry about cleaning anything and you can relax after traveling. I hope you are having a great weekend.


    • says:

      It is a habit we’ve always had and I’m glad. When you come back from holiday, the last thing you want to do is to clean and tidy!


  4. Lindsay says:

    Hello darling 🙂
    I am constantly playing catch up, honestly, and it never improves. Ugh. I need to get my ish together.

    Isn’t it wonderful when you come home to a clean home from vacation? I did NOT do that prior to going to my moms house for three weeks and now I’m just irritated. I’ve got to set aside some time this weekend for some deep cleaning.

    I’m LOVING navy blue. Blues of any shade are my fave, there’s just something so crisp and clean looking and I feel like it’s a flattering color on almost everyone.

    I hope this week is going better and doesn’t feel quite like a century long, like last. 😉 xoxo


    • says:

      Hi Lindsay,
      I’m forever playing catch up so please don’t worry! Hope you are having a good week so far. Mine has been long and I need Friday to arrive asap!

      Cleaning before going on holiday makes such a difference. A few years ago we had a stressful holiday (I will tell you about it sometime) and coming home to a clean home was wonderful. The next morning (after a late flight) I felt relaxed and just sat in bed reading and drinking tea.

      It took me over 30 years to realise that navy is so flattering – as you say it is crisp – love it!



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