February mantras and goals

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Because they are probably jealous assholes.

I’m so OVER 2 people in particular trying their utmost to drag me down everytime my husband spoils me.  Or we have a lovely holiday.  Or something nice happens to us.  But the moment there is a freebie on the horizon then it is a different story (for about 5 minutes).  There are times I feel like screaming at their stinginess but utmost belief that hubby and I should give more and do more for the 2 most ungrateful people I’ve ever met.

If you have nothing nice to to say then SHUT UP.  Very simple.

Well that is off my chest, time for my goals.  January went alright but could have been better gym wise.

January goals were:

  • Get back into a fitness routine. Run a couple of times a week. Could have done this more often.
  • Look into gym classes to shake my routine up (once I get into one that is) went online and saw the classes that are offered. Still deciding which to attend.
  • Plan meals for the week. Did this slightly better but lots of room to improve.
  • Declutter kitchen cupboards Yes – filled 3 bags of things we don’t use/need.
  • Read 2 books  read 3 and did reviews on each
  • Blog more often and schedule posts ahead of timeblogged 12 times in January. Started scheduling posts a day or so ahead.
  • Plan birthday – my birthday is in 4 weeks  Felt really special and spoilt by hubby, MY parents, family and friends. 

February goals are:

  • Run more often
  • Read 2 books (minimum)
  • Sort linen cupboard
  • Pack healthy lunches for work
  • Cook a new recipe
  • Be more mindful
  • Stop letting jealous people get to me

Here is to a great February.  What is on your list this month?


8 Comments on “February mantras and goals

  1. girl ditch those toxic people. who needs that shit in life? NOBODY, that’s who. i knew a woman who was one-upper; like she could never just be happy if something good happened to another person and she’d go on a tirade of how *her* husband did this awesome thing for her or how she managed to get XYZ etc. LIKE SHUT UP NO ONE ASKED YOU. so i just stopped talking to her.


    • I REALLY wish I could stop talking to these 2. Without airing all my dirty laundry online I’ll just say that they are sadly not friends or random acquaintances so ditching them will prove rather tricky. However my hubby has my back and has seen how they have affected me. So I’ve left it in his hands. I.e “please deal with your relatives because I cannot anymore”. Hope this makes sense…..
      Oh my word the woman you describe is everywhere. Everyone knows one. Painful to say the least. I know the feeling as you want to shout NOBODY ASKED YOU!!!! It is so frustrating. Grrrrrrrrrrr.


  2. “If you have nothing nice to to say then SHUT UP. Very simple.” OMG, YAASSS!!!! Absolutely. I was just thinking the same, and agree with Kathy above. You don’t need that kind of toxicity in your life. Some people aren’t happy with themselves, so they put their ish on other people, but it really can eat away at you after awhile.

    Awww, you did so well with your goals in January! Good job, momma! I’m trying to be more mindful of my eating and exercising. Some days I’m just totally off course, but starting the day with a healthy breakfast has helped me. So far 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week! XO


    • My word for 2018 was release and I’ve really achieved nothing so far. It is so hard because toxic people can really ruin ones day and these 2 constantly make me feel guilty because Mark spoils me or buys me a gift for a special occasion. I adore my Garmin watch – yet everytime I put it on I hear the voice of a nasty in-law telling me what a spoilt brat I am for getting it! I’m serious Charlotte – that is how bad these two are.
      I a) didn’t ask for it as a gift. b) would have been happy with a cheaper one. c) it has nothing to do with anyone what I received for our anniversary!
      Mark and I have done so much for these 2 and the reward is nasty comments. I’m speechless! And yet another was made on my birthday and I’ve just had ENOUGH.

      I try start the day with a healthy breakfast and I just need to continue the day like that! I really need to get into a proper habit. Hope you have an awesome weekend.


  3. Oh girl, these two people have to go. They have no place in your life!

    Looks like you did pretty well on your January goals! Way to go! I have no doubt you can hit your February goals out of the park!


    • Thank you San – I’m hoping to tick off each February goal!
      I’m so over these 2 toxic people – seriously I’ve put my foot down because all they’ll ever do is take and then be jealous the moment something isn’t about them. I’ve never met such demanding yet unappreciative (and downright nasty) people.


  4. We all have our limits and it is SO necessary to establish boundaries, I love your first mantra.
    That’s really shitty you’ve got people being miserable when things are great for you and Mark. Sometimes you just have to cut ties for your own wellbeing, you know? Some people are just so self-centered and selfish, they’re joy-kills.
    Love your goals for the month and that you are trying to be intentionally mindful. Being on point all the time is serious work, but it always results in a positive outcome.

    Have a great February hun. 🙂 xoxo


    • Thanks Lindsay. It is difficult to deal with people who are incapable of being happy for those around them. We are good enough when they are getting something but the moment Mark gives me a gift or does something nice they get snarky. It is such a shitty trait to have because it doesn’t cost anything to say something decent instead of insulting.
      Hope you are having a great week so far xoxo.


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