Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Hello Friday, thank goodness you decided to show up!

I am counting down the hours until 4:00pm because I’m exhausted, in desperate need of wine and craving some serious couch and Masterchef binge time.

This week was long but there were good things along the way!  This includes:

  1. My Mom getting better. Moving out of ICU and into a General Ward just made my Monday!  Then on Wednesday she was discharged from hospital and knowing my Mom is back home is so awesome.  I cannot wait to see her.
  2. Mark’s support over this difficult time.  I’ve been worried, stressed, tense and so much more and his support was so appreciated.
  3. My Dad and how calm he stayed throughout my Mom’s hospital visit.  There were moments we were so worried and my Dad just plodded on and got things done.
  4. Alison Pearson’s “How hard can it be?” what a brilliant sequel to “I don’t know how she does it?”  I loved this book so much.
  5. Frozen yoghurt on hot days
  6. “This is us” is back.
  7. Date night on Wednesday – had dinner at one of our favourite restaurants.
  8. My birthday is next Thursday
  9. Still loving my Garmin watch
  10. Waking up this early morning and realising it was Friday and we still had an hour and a half to sleep 😊.

Hubby and I are going up the West Coast for a day trip tomorrow. Then Sunday is going to be busy, shopping, getting my birthday present, catching up on laundry and cleaning and hopefully going somewhere for a sunset.

What are you up to?


28 Comments on “Happy Friday

  1. This is us is back and I am back to crying every week. Gah I love that show. I am so grateful your mom was moved out of ICU. It sounds like you have such a great support system. Hugs, sweet girl, I know this is such a difficult time.


    • Thank you – it was a really rough start to our year but each day my Mom says she is feeling better and stronger and I’m filled with gratitude.
      I love the show but cannot watch without tissues. I look like a raccoon afterwards with my mascara everywhere!


  2. I am SO happy your mom is home! That is great news! Frozen yogurt sounds good to me and it’s not all that warm here, I just love it, lol!! Have a great weekend and enjoy your day trip tomorrow!


    • Thanks Beth – we are so glad my Mom is back home – it was like a huge weight was lifted when I got the update saying she was being discharged.
      We are having a very hot summer and frozen yoghurt is becoming a regular dessert for us!


  3. Glad to hear your mom is home and doing better. I don’t think I am emotionally stable enough for this is us. All I hear is that it makes everyone so sad, so I figured Id wait a while before I watch. LOL Have a great trip!!


    • Thanks Kim, we are so grateful for my Mom’s recovery.
      “This is us” is really beautiful and extremely sad at the same time. I rarely get through an episode without tears – there is just so much feeling in each episode.
      Give it a try if you feel like watching something like that. Some series aren’t for everyone (I don’t watch Grays Anatomy and I sometimes think I’m the only one on earth who doesn’t).


  4. So I saw this hilarious meme on the internet where McDreamy says something like “I’m the saddest TV death in history” and then the man from This is us is under him and he says “Hold my crock pot”
    I just busted out laughing. I have only watched a few episodes of that show. I do like it but I couldn’t really get into it. I know. I’m like that 0.00001% of the population.
    I’m so happy that your mom is doing better. She sounds like such a fighter. I hope that she continues on this path. Big hugs girl.


    • My Mom is really a fighter – this illness just proved how strong she is. Thank you for your kind words.
      Don’t worry – there are series I don’t enjoy and then I feel like the only person on earth who doesn’t follow a certain series. Alot of the time I feel that watching something from the start helps (otherwise I’m way to confused lol).


    • Thank you – I cannot wait to visit her at home and not in the hospital!
      Had a lovely weekend, hope you did too 🙂


    • Thank you – I know I’m in my 30’s but I still look forward to birthdays and count sleeps.
      We are so happy that my Mom is home – getting the update from my Dad last Wednesday was wonderful.


  5. Happy early birthday! Remember that everything should be done and catered to you on that day.

    Very cool about your father. I think in life we encounter moments that define us. When the chips are down, how will we respond? Most of us dads and men hope love will guide us to our higher selves.

    Sounds like your dad did just that.


    • Thank you Eli – I’ve put in a days leave for Thursday so I plan on some serious relaxation before hubby and I go out for dinner in the evening.

      My Dad was really put to the test this month and he managed the challenge so well. I could see how worried he was but he got things sorted, stayed calm for my sister and myself and kept my Mom’s siblings updated every step of the way.
      The strength he displayed for us is something I’ll never forget – I told my Mom this but I need to tell my Dad sometime as well.


  6. I am so so so happy to see that your mom is home and comfortable again. You must all be SO incredibly relieved to see her out of the hospital. When my mom was in the hospital, I just remember thinking how tiny she looked in that big bed, hooked up to machines. Just so… frail, and unlike the woman I’d known my entire life. It makes a huge difference to leave and recover in peace, away from a hospital environment. Sending much ❤ to you and your mom as she continues her recovery! And thank god for supportive friends, family members, hubbies, eh?

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend, and that your week is off to a good start! That This Is Us episode. HOLY waterworks. I just love that show. SO much.


    • We are so relieved and grateful – it was such a scary time and hearing that my Mom was being discharged last Wednesday was the most awesome update!
      I know what you mean – seeing a loved one in hospital is SO difficult. It was a reminder that life is fragile and making the most of here and now is so important.
      Knowing my Mom is home and can take it easy in her own environment is great and although I know she is tired I know my Dad is looking after her and will ensure she takes it easy.
      A supportive hubby, family members and friends really helped at this difficult time ❤

      This is Us was on last night and I'll catch up tonight – getting the tissues ready! My word but that programme is so awesome and so filled with feeling that I cannot get through an episode without tears and ruined mascara.


  7. So happy to hear your Mom is doing better! What a relief!

    Oh, what Garmin watch do you have? I love my Garmin, too!!
    I still haven’t watched This Is Us! Can you believe it?


    • Yes – it was a huge relief! We saw my Mom this weekend in Montagu and she is doing well – tired but so much better than she was.

      I’ve got the Garmin VivoActive 3 and love it!

      Give This Is Us a try but watch from the very start – so much happens in each episode you need to watch from the beginning 🙂


  8. Hey girl,
    How was your trip up the west coast?
    I gotta ask, I read about Cape Town earlier this week starting their water rations beginning this summer. That’s freaking crazy. Are you guys worried at all About this? I’m shocked how little of this is being covered in the news but then again, I’m not bc Trump BS is on every North American news station. I’m curious on your perspective and what you think about it.

    So so glad your momma is back at home. That’ll do her a world of good I think, she’s just got to take it easy and not overdo it.

    Anyways by the time you read this, it’ll be Friday your way.

    Hope you’re well darling. xoxo


    • Hi Lindsay,
      Yes we are very worried (but trying to stay calm at the same time). We are currently allowed 50 litres each a day and so we are very careful with water usage. We keep all the water we use washing dishes, rinsing veggies, hand washing etc to fill buckets and then use it to flush toilets. We time our showers to less than 90 seconds (it is doable if you turn off the taps when soaping up). We are hoping and praying for rain soon and trying to stay positive. Day zero is a hot topic (and has been for a while now). If the dams get to a certain level then taps will be switched off and we’ll have to collect our water from collection points. We are hoping that if we all use less we can delay or avoid this. Currently every drop counts so we have become very water wise and at work we are all invited to give ideas and tips to save more.
      Thank you for asking – some days I’m quite stressed about it and have to remind myself to stay calm and hopeful.

      We visited my Mom this past weekend and she is doing well. She is very tired but that is to be expected from what she went through.

      West Coast was lovely thanks 🙂



      • Glad to hear your mom is doing better, albeit quite tired.

        I’m amazed that I hadn’t heard much of day zero on this side of the world but I’m not surprised. Politics and all that garbage tend to dominate the news. Wow, good for you guys taking steps to do what you can now. I think about it every time I shower or run water now and just how flippin wasteful we are. It’s not really until these things happen do we truly realize just how lucky we are or aren’t. I’ve seen some dams and had to question if they were really dams because they were so low. It’s all very interesting and eye opening.

        Xo Linds


      • We visited my parents and sister this weekend and my Mom is doing really well – she still gets tired but is feeling better.

        Day zero has been pushed out until 11 May now and that will be our winter so we are hoping that we get loads of rain before then.


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