What a week!

This past week (and 2 days) have been an extremely difficult time to put it mildly.

The Saturday before last my Mom was rushed by ambulance to hospital where she stayed in Critical Care until a few hours ago.  She was being treated for Septicaemia and we found out afterwards that when she arrived at the hospital her heart, kidneys and lungs were busy shutting down.  I cannot put into words what it felt like standing in the hospital and seeing my mother with an oxygen mask on, tubes everywhere and a machine monitoring everything while confirming how bad things were.

Seeing a loved one ill is so incredibly difficult.  It is genuinely one of the most dreadful feelings – a mixture of fear and helplessness.  There was nothing we could do but wait for blood results, scans, x-rays and tests to come back and tell us what was wrong.  Even worse was the awful realisation that growing up my Mother always made us better when we were sick and all I could do as an adult now, was hold her hand and pretend not to be terrified that something bad was going to happen.

We came home last Sunday evening feeling stunned – my Mom is the sort of person who doesn’t sit still for long.  Always on the go – which made seeing her in bed unable to breathe on her own so scary.

Mark phoned a guesthouse the next day and we drove after work on Monday so I could be close to the hospital.  My Dad and sister had checked in the day before and the guesthouse was so conveniently situated, we could walk instead of driving.  The infection was really bad but the antibiotics started working and my Mom was able to have a procedure on Wednesday to get rid of kidney stones.

The waiting was the worst.  Waiting for visiting hours to start in the morning.  Waiting to hear if my Mom had a good night and had eaten something.  Waiting our turn to see her (2 visitors at a time in critical care).  Waiting for test results is awful – the time felt like it was standing still.

I checked out on Wednesday and Mark came to fetch me in the afternoon.  I missed him SO much and hardly slept while I was away – I was exhausted on Wednesday night.  Thursday my Dad sent good news that my Mom was looking better, still on oxygen and tired but getting better.

We went to visit yesterday and were so happy to see the improvement in my Mom.  She was still on oxygen but not the full face mask which makes talking tricky.  We could chat to her properly which was awesome.  I’ve heard from my Dad today that my Mom has moved out of Critical Care into a General Ward.  Now we just wait for her to be able to leave the hospital.

So that was our week – scary and stressful but with good news at the end.  I’m so grateful for prayers, positive thoughts and all the support we’ve received as a family.  Phone calls and messages constantly reminding us that we are in people’s thoughts and prayers made this terrifying journey a bit easier to navigate.

I’m so grateful for the endless support from Mark who made 8 trips to Worcester and was there for me constantly at a really scary time.

If we had to believe the movies, advertising and social media then we’d think that love is about roses, expensive presents and constantly smiling faces with romantic theme music in the background.  But real love is weathering a massive storm together and being made to feel safe the entire time.

Thank you Marky.


14 Comments on “What a week!

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad your mom is doing better. How absolutely terrifying. I can’t imagine your stress and anxiety! So so sweet that your husband came through for you- it’s the tough times that make us love them so fiercely in the good times!


    • Thank you – the last update from my Dad was that my Mom’s physio went very well yesterday. We are hoping she can leave the hospital soon!
      I don’t know what I would have done without my hubby! I’m a nervous driver so him driving 8 x 1 and a half hour trips was hugely appreciated!


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom! I would have been worried sick too, but that’s wonderful that she’s out of Critical Care and starting to do a lot better. And you’re right – love isn’t what the marketing folks like to say it is. It’s so much more than that.



    • We were so happy when she was moved out of Critical Care – now we just want her to be well enough to leave the hospital.
      We are hoping today or tomorrow – everytime my phone goes off I hope it is an update from my Dad.


  3. That is so incredibly scary. I am so sorry that you all had to go through that and I am also glad that she is coming through. I was an ER nurse for 10 years for pediatrics and septicemia is one nasty illness. It can grab hold so quickly. Thank goodness she’s doing better and for all the support you had. I will continue to hold all of you in my heart and thoughts. So much strength your way xoxo


    • It is a seriously nasty illness and it was frightening how my Mom deteriorated so quickly before being rushed to the hospital. What frightens me is that sometimes people delay going to the Dr (which my Mom did) and with septicemia getting treatement asap is essential.
      Thank you for your kind words and keeping us in your thoughts. xoxo.


  4. Oh my goodness, what an unbelievably frightening week you had indeed. I’m so glad she has improved so much and is out of critical care. I am also glad you have such a strong support system with Mark and your family. I’ll be praying she is able to go home soon. Much love to you!


    • Thank you – we are just so glad that last week is over! Each update from my Dad since we visited on Sunday has been good and we are hoping my Mom can leave the hospital and go home soon. Her lungs are good which is a huge relief. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.


  5. Oh, my sweet. I’m so so sorry to hear about your poor mom, but am incredibly relieved that she is on the mend and coming out of the danger zone. That was me last summer, when my mom all of a sudden had a heart issue. I’m not sure what the cause was to this day (though they believe it may have been cosackie virus and something else), but her body was shutting down and it was so scary to watch and sit back and feel helpless 😦 I’m so glad that you have a wonderfully supportive network of friends and family with you. They make ALL the difference in the world. I’ll continue to hope and pray for her speedy recovery ❤ XOXO


    • It is so frightening – that feeling of helplessness. I’m sorry you went through this last year – it is terrifying. I was reminded how fragile we are and how life can change in a moment.
      We are filled with gratitude and relief that my Mom is on the mend – when I heard she was in the General ward and walking around (without oxygen) it was the best update from my Dad!
      I hope that your Mom’s heart issue is now better and she has healed. It really puts things into perspective when family go through things like this.
      ❤ xoxo


  6. OMG, Anthea. I am so sorry. You know, that is my worst fear – living so far away from home – that something happens to my Mom and Dad and I can’t be there (well, I’d get on a plane right away, of course, but it’s a 11-hour flight). Our parents are not getting younger.

    But all this to say, I am SO RELIEVED to hear your Mom is getting better. I can only imagine what you’ve been through emotionally. This is such a scary situation and makes us aware of how fragile life is and how things can change in an instant.

    Sending good vibes for your Mom and a big hug for you.


    • I know what you mean – distance in a time of emergency is really difficult. And as you say our parents aren’t getting any younger – which is something that I’ve really seen this month. Life is so fragile and can change in a second – my Mom going through this put alot into perspective.

      We are so relieved and just filled with gratitude at my Mom’s recovery. She left the hospital on Wednesday and getting the message from my Dad was the best update! My Mom will need to take it easy (and this will be new to her) but we are so glad she is out of the hospital and home again. Cannot wait to go visit her 🙂


  7. Oh my gosh, that sounds so scary. I would’ve been terrified seeing my mom in that position. So glad she was taken to the hospital when she was, you know? I’m glad the meds worked and she was able to have the stone procedure.

    Really puts things in perspective eh? And it’s awful when we feel helpless because there’s nothing we can do but wait. And wait.



    • It was such a scary experience. My Mom has always postponed going to the Dr so I knew when I spoke to my Dad that things were bad if my Mom had agreed to go (and was then rushed to the hospital afterwards).

      I’m so grateful that she was strong enough for the procedure and then continued getting better. When I got the message that my Mom was leaving the hospital last Wednesday, it was the best update!



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