Book review: The Pool House by Tasmina Perry


This was the first book I read for 2018 and I finished it just a few hours ago!

Jem and her husband Nat have moved from London to New York for Nat’s career. Unfortunately Jem has found the move to be less satisfying than she had hoped for.  She’s finding it difficult to get a job and to make friends in her new environment.  When Nat suggests a house share in the Hamptons for the summer she’s excited at the prospect.

The weekend housemates are glamourous and career-focused but friendly.  Jem is made to feel welcomed by the other 3 couples sharing the house for the summer.

The house is beautiful with breath-taking views and it looks like a wonderful time full of fun in the Hamptons is ahead for Jem and Nat.

Until one evening when Jem asks about the couple whose place they are taking in the summer house share.   David and his wife Alice were the 4th couple in the group the previous year.   Until a terrible accident took place in the pool.   David became a widow and Alice’s mysterious death at the house is something nobody wants to talk about.

Along with an Author who wants to write about Alice’s mysterious death, Jem delves into the previous summer and learns some startling facts about Alice.  As well as the housemates she considers her friends.

I couldn’t put this book down and enjoyed how the author moved from the present summer to the previous one where Alice was alive and could give her version of events.   Jem and Alice are the opposite of each other and the characters definitely keep your attention!

A brilliant read filled with suspense and surprises, I highly recommend it!



16 thoughts on “Book review: The Pool House by Tasmina Perry

  1. Lauren Becker says:

    Ooh this sounds fascinating. I do love mysteries. I’m kind of amazed that you JUST finished the book and wrote a review. Go you! I need to do better at that – I tend to get a few books read and then go “oh yea, I should review those…” haha



    • says:

      I literally finished it before work and did the review in my lunchtime! This book was so enjoyable I just had to share!
      Also, everything was still fresh in my mind which helps with reviews.


    • says:

      It is perfect for a weekend when you have more time to sit and enjoy.
      I battled to put it down!


    • says:

      The cover grabbed my attention as I walked into the book shop and I just had to read it after I saw it was a mystery 🙂


  2. Courtney A. Casto says:

    Great summary! I’m not usually super into mysteries but it sounds like this book has some interesting characters and it will keep me guessing. Plus, I love daydreaming about being in the Hamptons. 🙂


    • says:

      The characters were very interesting and I enjoyed how it was told by two different points of view.
      I also love watching movies and reading books which feature the Hamptons.


    • says:

      It really was enjoyable and I hope my review did it justice – sometimes it is easy to give too much away in the summary!
      I’ve also got a “to read” list which I add to regularly 🙂


    • says:

      Me too – it has set the bar quite high now for the next book I’m reading and the ones to follow this year!


  3. Louise says:

    Oooh, this sounds like a fun thriller! I love the idea of a new character digging up the pass of a deceased one! I don’t read too many thrillers but I’ll probably add this one to my list! Especially since you read it so quickly!!


    • Anthea says:

      I enjoy the odd thriller but actually don’t read many. This one was just so brilliant and kept me guessing throughout – I’ve never written a review so quickly!


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