My word for 2018

Last year I blogged about this concept.  I was inspired by Ali Edwards and you can visit her blog here if you’d like to learn more about this.

My word for 2017 was content. I feel we live in a society that urges us constantly to achieve/accumulate/spend/see and quite honestly be more. More has become the norm. From more time spent on social media to more money spent on things we don’t need, it is exhausting keeping up with the endless cycle of ‘extra’ we are supposed to be adding to each day.

I know that I could have done a better job living out my word last year. However it seemed that the moment I got the hang of it, a toxic comment from somebody really threw me. The rude insult made me re-think my word and my actions. After talking about it with my hubby, my Mom and a couple of friends I realised that the comment was fuelled by jealousy from someone who cannot stand it when I get spoilt by my husband and family.  There are people who are incapable of being happy for their family and friends and so they blurt out crap comments to make themselves feel better.

The snarky comment was not a reflection of me or how I lived out my word for the year. But I wasted a lot of time feeling upset about it. I think a lot of us over-think things and I don’t believe it is healthy.

I gave my word for 2018 a lot of thought and decided on it recently.

My word this year is RELEASE.


I plan to release:

  • Myself from unnecessary expectations and pressure.

This year I didn’t buy a personal diary for 2018 and didn’t make a looooong list of New Years resolutions.  I’m planning on being more mindful and if I can get this right then it takes care of a lot!  Each month I’ll make a list of goals I hope to achieve but those not ticked off can be crossed off or just added to next month’s list.  Less pressure is a happier me.

  • Stress.

Yip this is a big one. In a nutshell I let loads of things get to me.  I sweat the small stuff.   I adore getting the last word. I can keep a grudge like nobody’s business. These are all huge stress contributors that need to be released.

  • Negative thoughts

Super draining. I need to stop mulling over rubbish. Replaying random things over in my head and wondering if I should have done this or done that or said this or that differently. Negative thoughts are awful and it is a downward spiral. If I make a mistake I need to move on. Not come up with an A4 page list of different things I could have done.

  • Toxic people

Life is too short to spend it with people who genuinely cannot be happy for others or have to say something nasty just to feel better about themselves.  Putting others down is a pointless yet hurtful habit and yet some people make it their full-time hobby.

No thank you.

I also need to release the hold that toxic people’s throw-away comments have on me.  In time I hope to get to the point where I can instantly recognise a barbed comment for just that – an array of unnecessary words from an unhappy person with nothing better to do.

  • Clutter

A fresh and uncluttered space immediately feels fresh and calming.

  • The need for perfection

Life is real and the best moments are when you just sit back, relax and enjoy it. Not everything needs to be Pinterest and Instagram worthy to be fun and memorable.

For the record I’m not on Pinterest or Instagram but I see a lot of ‘it has to be perfect’ moments displayed on FB and all I can wonder is how many pics had to be snapped before the ‘perfect’ one was posted.  By then the magical moment is lost.

  • Rigid routines

Obviously we all have work routines and deadlines but I’m talking after hours. A spontaneous date night after a long day at the office is awesome.   Sometimes housework can wait 😊   I prefer not to live my after-office hours to a timetable.

  • Social Media and having to be online constantly

I’m over FB. Twitter is still fun at times but I plan on focusing more on my blog than scrolling through a timeline this year.  The other day I realised I haven’t posted on FB (other than posting blog links to the fabulous blog group  and seeing what other bloggers are up to) since November last year.  I haven’t missed it at all.

  • The past

Nobody has one that is perfect but I’m not going to let a stressful yesterday ruin a potentially great today.  Letting go is sometimes a gift we give ourselves.

  • Things that don’t make me happy.

From a friendship that has run its course to attending things I feel obliged to go to but don’t enjoy. I’m not going to force fun just to keep other people happy. If it doesn’t bring me joy, it is coming off my to-do list.  Also I’m going to be upfront about it – my time is as important as others and I’m saving it for those I genuinely love and care about.

Do you have a word for 2018?


17 Comments on “My word for 2018

  1. I love every word of this beautiful post my friend! Thank you for sharing and know you are not alone in the thought of letting go of so much to make your mind, heart and soul happier and healthier. Happy New Year!


    • Thank you so much – I really enjoyed writing it and was hoping I conveyed how important this one word is to me!
      Wishing you a wonderful New Year – may 2018 be amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

    • It is something I am really working on. There are cases where I cannot avoid all toxic people and relationships but I can limit my interaction and that is a start.


  2. LOVE!!! This word is perfection. Letting things go. Yes, yes, YES. Release is kind of similar to my word for the year nourish, I’m also letting go of some of the same things you mentioned and focusing on what makes me happy. Good for you. Here’s to a great year!


    • Thank you so much!
      I loved your word for the year and wish you all the best in living it out in 2018.
      Letting go is so important – I plan to get better at it with each day 🙂


  3. What a great word – and I like how it relates so well to the goals you hope to accomplish in the new year. I definitely need to not let other people bother me to much; what they say or do. I just have to live my own life and be happy with that.



    • Thank you so much – as I wrote the post I realised that the one word was linked to so many goals of mine.
      Letting other people get to you is so easy and I’m tired of allowing nasty people live in my head rent-free. Living your life and being happy is so important!


  4. I’m always so impressed to see the words people pick for themselves. That tactic doesn’t work for me, but I love when other people get something from it. Both content and release are great words! I hope you’re successful this year with it! I think it will make you much happier in the end!


    • Thank you – I started this last January when I read about another blogger who chose her word each year. I love reading about the words chosen and how people decide on one.
      I was reading your resolutions the other day – they are great!


  5. What a perfect word! I love it. There are so many areas in my life I could choose to release for sure. Thank you for the inspiration.


    • Thank you – when I thought about it I realised it had to be my word for the year!
      Now I just need to put it into practice.


  6. I love the word release! What a freeing concept. There is so much I need to let go of and release myself from. I chose “fire” as my word for 2018. I want to find more of what I’m passion about, what makes me get excited and want to speak up about, and also what pushes me to learn and grow.

    I am done with Facebook too for the most part. I almost never post anything and my family and friends don’t even post much so my feed is a bunch of ads.

    Happy 2018!


    • Happy 2018 to you too!
      Thank you – I also thought of release as a freeing concept and there are many different areas in my life I can apply it to.
      I loved your word too – I look forward to reading more about it this year.
      I’ve also noticed that people are posting less on FB these days!


  7. Oh, heck yes. I can get on board with this. I need to release negativity and toxic relationships (and foods and habits!) from my life.


    • There are so many areas that this one word could relate to. Unhealthy habits and food is being added to my list now 🙂


  8. I am so with you on this- we are totally pressured to do more and more and it’s crazy!! I definitely want to just be more content and live in the now as well…. release is such a great word 🙂

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