December recap!

Firstly Happy New Year everyone!  Hope that 2018 is an amazing year for us all filled with good health and happiness.

Secondly I haven’t blogged for weeks and am seriously behind.  Hoping to catch up today (my last day of leave).  I hope that everyone had a fantastic festive season and made loads of happy memories.

I thought I’d do a December recap – I always love reading fellow blogger’s weekend recaps so this is a monthly version.  December was a really hectic month and just before I went on leave my Mom landed up in hospital.  It was a very scary and stressful time for us all and since my parents are over 2 hours away the distance was really felt.  My Mom had a blockage in her kidney – she’d had back pain and had gone to see the Dr – and was then rushed to a hospital where they did lots of tests.  She had to stay overnight and was on pain meds and then a cytoscopy was booked for that afternoon.

Well the good news was that no cancer and no stones were found.  My Mom’s right kidney wasn’t releasing urine quickly enough which caused the pain and bleeding.  The medical term is Pelvic Uretic Junction Stenosis.  She was able to leave the hospital that afternoon.  She has had to drink smaller amounts of liquid at at time and has assured me she is feeling better.

The weekend before her health scare we visited my parents and sister in Montagu and we had a wonderful time.  My parents showed us around and gave us a tour and we visited restaurants and had a great catch up over good food.  Our anniversary is in December so my parents insisted on booking us a night at a lovely guesthouse walking distance from their apartment.

I took some pics of the weekend.


The beautiful bedroom and bathroom of the cottage we stayed in.


The patio was so spacious with stunning views.



Hubby relaxing outside 🙂


We had lunch at a restaurant called Die Kloof Padstal.




After a leisurely lunch my Dad drove us around giving us a personal tour of their new home.  My parents moved recently and I’ve never been to Montagu before.  Then we went back to my parents apartment which has the loveliest of views and chilled out before supper.  My parents and sister had put all the Christmas decorations up and I felt rather festive!  I’m so happy for my parents – my Dad retired the December before last and I can see they are enjoying this time in their lives.  Montagu is a beautiful place.

We had an amazing nights sleep and then we went to Die Boord / The Orchard for breakfast.


Hubby and my family ❤


The time just flew by far too quickly 😦  Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and go home.

We went on leave a few days later and celebrated our 11 year anniversary and Christmas in Hermanus.  We had a wonderful time – visited the Danger Point lighthouse.


We spent our days going for drives (De Kelders was stunning), hiking up Fernkloof Nature Reserve, leisurely breakfasts at nearby restaurants, walking around Hermanus and having cheese and wine before delicious braais.  It was just what we needed.



The weather was amazing every day and just added to the relaxed holiday feel.

I packed in Christmas decorations to decorate our table for Christmas lunch 🙂  Hubby made a delicious gammon which was out of this world.  We repeated the tradition on New Years Eve at home.  Minus Rudolph the reindeer!


And now we are in the second day of 2018 and tomorrow is back to work.  This is the first year I haven’t bought a diary and made a list of new years resolutions.  I’ll make a few goals for each month but my biggest one is just to be happy and mindful.  To live in the present more and worry about the past and future less.  If I can get that right I’ll be thrilled!


10 Comments on “December recap!

  1. I love these monthly recaps! It’s fun to get a behind-the-scenes look into a blogger’s life 🙂 Also, I SEE SUN! Oh, my goodness… we’ve had Arctic blasts in the Northeast and it has been unbearable to go outside for more than a few minutes. Bryan and I were just talking about escaping somewhere warm next NYE. No more!

    That restaurant looks darling. What a beautiful month you had! Happy happy anniversary, and wishing you and your hubs all the best for 2018! Also, so glad to hear that everything is okay with your momma!! That must have been quite the scare 😦 ❤


    • I saw you are having freezing temperatures by you. We are having our summer now and it has been very hot some days. You should visit Cape Town if you’d like warm weather this time of year 🙂

      My Mom’s health scare was hectic and we are just so grateful that she is okay now.

      Wishing you and Bryan all the best for 2018 🙂


    • It was a great gift from my parents – we felt so spoilt!

      My Mom gave us quite a scare – we are all just so relieved that she is better.


    • Thank you Lecy and same to you. Hoping 2018 is a wonderful year for everyone 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness, what a scare for your mom! I’m glad she is feeling and doing better. Love these pictures, such fun adventures in December for you! I hope 2018 is a great year!! Happy New Year!


    • Thank you Beth – we are so glad too!
      December was certainly a busy month but ended off well.
      Wishing you all the best for 2018 – may it be a wonderful year!


  3. I always enjoy looking at your photographs because I feel like I’m there. Beautiful. Glad your mom is doing much better… sounds really awful and like she was in a lot of pain. 😦

    Happy new year sweetheart!! xoxo


    • I’m the same – I love looking at photos and always feel a pic says a thousand words.
      My Mom’s health scare was so worrying. Health issues tend to put everything into perspective – I am so glad she is feeling better and looking forward to visiting them soon. xoxo


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