Tis the season…..to enjoy yourself!

I’m now feeling more festive by the day.

Decorations are up and last night I ate mince pies off a Christmas themed plate.  I felt a definite sense of smugness at this.

I’ve put a Christmas CD in the car.

A few more gifts to buy (and wrap).

And I go on leave in a weeks time (cannot wait!!) 🙂

I love this time of year and yet I know it can be super busy for so many of us.  All the running around trying to tick things off an endless to-do list.

Monday was a seriously busy day and I knew that after work we should go to gym.  Then do grocery shopping.  And have something healthy for dinner.

When the work day got to the end I decided to shake things up!  As I climbed into the car I told hubby that gym can wait.  He happily agreed 🙂  We decided on a spontaneous date night and it was fabulous.

We went to the movies and watched “Bad Moms Christmas”.  It was really funny – days later I’m still chuckling at random parts of the movie 🙂  The cast is brilliant and I found the Mom’s Mothers hilarious!  Cheryl Hines is sooooooo funny!

Then we had dinner at one of our favourite restaurants.  Chatting away over delicious food I felt relaxed and it just added to my festive feeling.  It was a perfect date night with my ❤

This time of year is often so busy and I’m determined not to get sucked into a whirlwind of stress.  I just want to enjoy this special season and fit lots of laughter and relaxation into the next few weeks.

How do you relax during the holiday season?


13 Comments on “Tis the season…..to enjoy yourself!

  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your holiday season so far! I loved Bad Moms Christmas, I thought they did a great job on casting! The ending still has me laughing too!


    • I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m still giggling days later 🙂 The casting was brilliant.


  2. I love this post so much and it’s enciuraging me to slow down and take in a movie, too (side note: I really want to see Bad Moms Christmas—the 1st one was hilarious!!).

    Good for you for getting into the holiday spirit and slowing down when you are able. What good is this time of year if we can’t enjoy it, right??


    • You’ll enjoy the second one as much as the first (if not more). The casting is so good!

      I feel this time of year is special and if you let stress seep in, it can be ruined. I know slowing down isn’t always easy but I hope we can all try it this festive season 🙂


    • I find myself still laughing at random parts – it is such a good movie.
      Thanks I’ll visit Alexandra’s blog now.


    • I see so many people getting stressed out and while I know it is such a busy time of year – I want to enjoy it too 🙂


  3. A Christmas plate?? That is some serious festiveness. I have no Christmas plate. My husband brought home a poinsettia the other day and I felt pretty good about that. 🙂 I do have Christmas music in my car though!

    I’m staying low stress this season by not buying too many gifts and letting Amazon do my gift wrapping. My family isn’t close by and there won’t be too many wrapped presents under the tree.


    • It is a side plate and it just feels so festive! Glad you also have Christmas music in your car – I don’t mind the traffic quite so much when I’ve got a festive CD to listen to.
      Enjoy your poinsettia – they are so bright and pretty!
      My parents and sister recently moved 2 hours away and we decided to focus more on spoiling on birthday presents than Christmas gifts. Alot of family members have agreed that we can do away with the Christmas gifts some time ago. So my shopping is quite simple – I just have alot of December birthdays to buy for 🙂


    • It was such a funny movie! I could watch it again and find it as hilarious 🙂


  4. I love that you were spontaneous and so willing to let your list go, that’s awesome and somethig we could all do more anytime of the year. Can not believe Christmas is a week away!!! Eeeek!


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