December mantras and goals

How is that we are in December?  The time for putting up the Christmas tree, feeling festive and bringing out the Boney M CD’s has arrived.

My mantras for December are:

Quote 1

So often it is easy to complain rather than focusing on the good.  This month I want to be mindful and not let simple pleasures go unnoticed.

Quote 2

I hope Beth doesn’t mind me using one of her November Mantras which I saw last month.  I love this message so much.

November goals recap:

Continue healthy suppers – Yay!  Cutting down on red meat was easier than I thought

Go to gym more often 

Read 3 books so I can reach my goal of 40 books by the end of the year 

Practice patience. Learn to let things go. – An ongoing goal but I feel I am getting there 🙂

Spend more time offline

Take time to appreciate the simple things in life  – Realised I’m doing this when the other evening after a long day I sat outside in our garden and the first thing I noticed was the beautiful Hydrangea flowers. 

Goals for December:

Challenge myself with running.  Ran my first 5k the other day on the treadmill and it felt great!

Continue to be mindful.

Practice patience.  Learn to let things go.


16 Comments on “December mantras and goals

  1. I struggle with patience and learning to let things go, too. No better time than the holidays to practice that patience 😉 Lol!


    • I’m trying to make a conscious effort to stop letting silly things get to me and I’m constantly mindful of this. As you say the holidays are a great time to start practicing patience 😉


  2. Yes, what I have is enough. So much more than enough actually. I need to remind myself of that every day. I definitely need to work on having patience – with my family and with myself.


    • You are so right – we need to practice patience with ourselves as well! Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves and it just adds unnecessary stress.


  3. I don’t mind you stealing that mantra at all! It’s a really good one! And oh man do I need to practice patience! Not always easy with a demanding 4 year old at home sometimes! But still necessary. Deep breaths, right?


    • I kept thinking of the gratitude mantra throughout November after seeing it on your blog – it is brilliant.
      I agree patience isn’t always easy! Hope you 3 are having a great December so far.


  4. Wonderful list ❤ I. always try to stay mindful of the little things in life, too, and glad you were able to literally stop to smell the flowers the other day 🙂 I truly believe we achieve elevated levels of inner peace when we manage to find comfort in these beautiful, small moments. Best of luck with December and you did great last month!!


    • Thank you Charlotte – it was literally a moment of stopping to smell the flowers 🙂
      I also believe that we have high levels of inner peace when we find comfort in the simple moments. All too often we are in too much of a rush to appreciate them.
      Hope you too have a wonderful December.


  5. Great goals, Anthea! 😉
    I struggle greatly with patience and letting go. And not being so damn hard on myself. That’s a continuous goal of mine to improve upon.

    Cheers to a wonderful December my friend. xo


    • It is a daily goal of mine to get better at it 🙂
      Hope you have a great December


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