Book review: Without you by Saskia Sarginson

Book review

It is 1984 and teenager Eva is missing.  She is presumed drowned after her father and her were caught in a storm while sailing.

Eva’s father survives and the guilt he feels is overwhelming.  Eva’s mother is grieving the loss of Eva but also angry at what happened.  Not being on the boat she has unanswered questions and needs to know why Eva wasn’t wearing a lifejacket.

Eva’s younger sister Faith refuses to accept that her sister has drowned and is determined to prove everyone wrong.

There is an island close by but it is out of bounds.  What nobody knows is that Eva is in one of the deserted buildings being held captive.  She is desperate to escape but it is impossible.

Saskia Sarginson has the ability to describe things so vividly that you feel transported to each scene and like a silent visitor watching the characters.  Readers get to understand how each character is feeling as their story is shared.  Eva’s parents and how they met is described as the book moves back in time and the secret that they kept from Eva is revealed bit by bit.  The grief they feel is heartbreaking – they are experiencing this nightmare together but don’t feel as if they can turn to each other in their darkest hour.

Eva’s experiences as she is held captive is described vividly.  The bleak days and long nights, her hunger, her longing to escape and see her family again.  The comforts of home she remembers are vastly different to the harsh existence out on the island.

Faith watches her parents and is enveloped in the sadness that sits in the household but she is determined not to give up hope.  She believes Eva is alive and just needs to get to the island to save her.

I highly recommend this book and I couldn’t put it down!  Another brilliant page-turner from Saskia Sarginson.


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