Book review: The House of New Beginnings – Lucy Diamond

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I am a HUGE Lucy Diamond fan. The first book of hers I read was many years ago called “Me and Mr Jones”. Since then I’ve enjoyed her books and the way they sweep you up in the story from the first chapter.

The house of new beginnings was no exception. I liked the characters from the start – Rosa, Georgie and Charlotte who all have a flat at St Duke’s Square in Brighton. Georgie is the newest tenant and has travelled to be with her boyfriend Simon while he oversees a big project for his work. She lands her a job working as a journalist where she is appointed as an agony aunt. Unfortunately she quickly runs into problems when she has a little rant about Simon and accidentally sends it to the editor (who invites readers to give their input).  From there the trouble just builds!

Rosa has moved to get away from a romance that ended badly. The source of the hurt and betrayal she carries with her is not clear from the start – readers learn more with each chapter.  She left her job in advertising for a new start as a sous chef as she has always loved cooking and throwing dinner parties. When she helps out a neighbour Jo who has to go to hospital, she gets to know her daughter Bea and ex-husband Gareth.

Charlotte has relocated to find a new start away from the pain of her failed marriage.  We soon learn about the tragic loss she and her ex-husband have suffered.  She is a fragile character and is befriended by her neighbour Margot – an elegant French lady who has a passion for life even though she is terminally ill. She takes Charlotte under her wing and readers watch as she slowly blossoms back into her old self.

Georgie, Rosa and Charlotte get to know each other their friendship grows and they realise that they all have the opportunity for new beginnings.

That even when life has dealt you a blow, good friends will always give a reason to get back up.

I finished the book in days and really enjoyed it. I did guess what would happen in certain parts but I recommend it to anyone looking for a light and easy read.

14 Comments on “Book review: The House of New Beginnings – Lucy Diamond

  1. So many book shares in the blogosphere today and I am loving it. This one sounds fun! I am going to add it to my read pile. Life really is so much better with good friends! Happy Tuesday!


    • It is really a great book and I loved the kindness and support the characters gave each other as they became friends.
      Happy Wednesday
      ps is Friday ever going to arrive??


  2. This sounds like a nice light read for sure! I love a good story about friendship! I will have to add this one to my list!


    • It is a lovely light read. Something easy to read in the evening after a long day 🙂


    • I’m a huge fan of hers. The multiple storylines keep the readers attention to the end.


  3. Huh. This type of book typically don’t appeal to me but you’ve totally sold me on it! I’m adding it to my TBR list now!!


    • 🙂 I’d love to hear what you think about it.
      I love fiction and books with happy endings.


    • I also enjoy books with great female friendships. I find many movies have unhealthy/toxic friendships portrayed and it is refreshing to read a book with strong friendships based on kindness and understanding.


  4. I’ve never heard of this book (or the author!) before but one of the characters has my name, so I’m already sold 🙂 I have this weird fascination with books that explore female relationships and I always love a good light read, so definitely adding to the list. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Me too! Have you read Jane Fallon’s Foursome? Very fascinating look at female friendships – one of the books that I could easily re-read.


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