October mantras and goals

How is it possible that it is October already?  Spring is here and this year is flying by far too quickly!

My September goals were:

Go to gym twice a week (minimum) nope.

Limit sugar

Read 3 books

Write 8 Blog posts for the month (minimum)

Continue surrounding myself with positivity. This is a work in progress. 

Post less on Facebook and focus more on my blog. Obviously will still log on to catch up with blog groups. 

Stay on top of housework and laundry.  I wish

Make Monday to Thursday healthier eating days with treat/cheat days on the weekend.  Nope, pretty much made treat/cheat days almost everyday.  Very disappointed in myself.

Try a new recipe Nope.  Goal should have read:  print new recipe and let it lay around gathering dust.

Declutter for 15 minutes twice a week.  Nope. 

I feel I had a very crap time adulting this past month.  Feel very flat and energy levels are terribly low.  I hope that October is a better month and so here are my mantras and goals:

Quote 1

Quote 2

October goals:

Go to gym twice a week minimum.

Read 3 books

Write 8 blog posts minimum

Drive more often.  Stop letting nerves get to me.

More meat free dinners

Stay on top of housework and laundry

Practice patience

Stop lazy suppers! Make a proper grocery list each week and don’t let the vegetables just sit in the fridge while we have pizza.


24 Comments on “October mantras and goals

  1. I had a bit of a lazy month in September too. The month was so busy that when I was home I was just not in a mood to do anything. I’m hoping October is better too!


    • October has to be better! I felt super lazy in September and before I knew it the month was finished!


    • You can say that again!
      Here is to a good October *fist bump*


    • I love the odd lazy supper but it is becoming a habit which isn’t great. I’m forever googling recipes, printing them and then they gather dust. Not good!


    • Cooking isn’t my thing either – thankfully hubby is great at it (otherwise we’d live on take aways). But I really need to make a list of healthy dinners and not let the ingredients just sit in the fridge while we eat pizza.


  2. You win some you lose some! All you can do is try again! You got this! This is also what I told myself, I wasn’t the most adultiest adult last month either!


    • I’m feeling very bad at adulting right now! Thank you for your encouragement – I’ve got this and a new month to do it in!


  3. Great job with the limiting sugar and blog posts! Don’t get too down on yourself- you crossed some stuff off and that’s what matters!! That’s progress!


    • Thank you! I just wish I’d ticked more off the list. It is a new month and an opportunity to do better.


  4. Ugh, September was the worst, eh? Here’s hoping October is a better month in general.

    I think you did really well last month! I kind of slacked on the health goals myself, so hoping to pick that up again. I love your “practice patience” goal. I need to do this more myself. We are all works in progress 🙂



    • September really wasn’t the best and I’m hoping October is loads better!

      Oh my goodness if I can get the “practice patience” goal sorted I’ll be so happy! You are right – we are works in progress 🙂



  5. Nice job on blogging, limiting sugar, and reading! I think you did great for the month. I’m totally with you on practicing patience. I feel like I’ve had none lately. Also, need to get decluttering. I’ve had clean out my closet as part of my goals for about 4 months straight. I hope October is a more productive month for me too.


    • My patience has depleted along with my energy levels! Hoping to find both in October.
      Decluttering feels so great but to find the time and energy to do it is sometimes another story!


  6. I’m sorry that you are feeling flat and our of energy. I hate when that happens. I am sending you positive vibes for a uplifting October. xxoo


    • Thank you Kim – I really need tons of positive vibes right now!


  7. Yesterday I had the opportunity to practice not reacting to someone when they were being unkind. I definitely got to put your mantra into practice (but goodness was it hard not to react!!) I hope you get your energy back soon!


    • Well done on not reacting – I know it can be SO difficult at times. When I saw that mantra I knew I had to try put it in practice this month.
      I really need my energy levels to pick up again.


  8. I think you did a great job on your goals. I didn’t get a lot of my goals done in September so I’m hoping to do better in October. I hope you have a great week.


    • Thank you – I’m hoping October is just so much better.
      Have a great week further.


    • Thank you – I hope October is a good month for you too!

      I agree – each month feels like a fresh start and an opportunity to make positive changes 🙂


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