Lazy brunches, non-Pinterest cupcakes, scenic drives and tea.

Odd subject line I know but this summed up this past weekend perfectly.

Yesterday I returned to the office feeling so relaxed and refreshed.  Mark and I didn’t have a lot of plans for the weekend, had nobody we had to see or places we needed to go.  It was one of those chilled weekends and I loved every minute of it.

Friday night we went to do a big grocery shop.  I planned to bake over the weekend and needed to stock up on baking goodies.

We came home and had a really easy dinner followed by ice-cream.  Tin roof – my weakness.

Saturday morning, hubby made me a cup of tea in bed and went to Kirstenbosch.  I read and sipped tea which is one of my favourite ways to start the day.  When he got back we rustled up a hearty breakfast.  I prepared flapjacks while he made bacon and mushrooms and we caught up on sitcoms.  I then baked the cupcakes.  Now hubby’s favourite topping is caramel.  Just plain old caramel.  So I made two dozen vanilla cupcakes smothered in caramel topping.  I took a pic as a laugh because I’ve done a cake decorating course and know how to make fancy toppings.

These are the most non-pinterest, wouldn’t-put-on-FB, wouldn’t-share-with-Twitter cupcakes ever but they were DELICIOUS.

Look away if you are used to fancy fondant and rich ganache on top of a complicated cupcake.


And yes I used different sized cupcake holders just to add to the non-pinterest feel (i.e I ran out of my usual ones).

We took a drive in the afternoon to Strand – the weather was stunning and we could tell summer was on the way.

Sunday we slept late and had cupcakes for breakfast.  They were still most un-Pinterest looking but went down well with tea.  Then a lazy brunch at Fraiche Ayres.  We did a bit of shopping and bought some cacti for the garden. Took another slow drive – hubby had a landscape photo in mind he has been wanting to get.  Afterwards I read loads (I adore Lucy Diamond’s books) and hubby watched golf in between finishing off the cupcakes.  I’m impressed we got through 24 in 24 hours.

Monday we had another lie in followed by breakfast at Fraiche Ayres.  Yes I love that restaurant.  We did a bit of gardening, pulling out weeds and planting the cacti and timed it perfectly for the rain which followed.

It was just one of those weekends which left me feeling content.  We didn’t do a ton of stuff or spend a lot of money and I think this was one of my favourite weekends.  Content was my OLW (One Little Word) which I chose for 2017

I hope to have more weekends just like this one.








14 Comments on “Lazy brunches, non-Pinterest cupcakes, scenic drives and tea.

  1. I feel like I can smell the caramel from those cupcakes! I’ve never had cupcakes with just caramel on top! I’m sure they were absolutely delicious!!


  2. Omg, those cupcakes look amazing. They don’t need to look great if they taste wonderful!

    Sounds like you had a really wonderful weekend. I love content weekends like that.


    • I agree – it wasn’t the prettiest cupcake I’ve made but it was so tasty!

      Relaxing weekends are the best – I felt ready to tackle the week afterwards 🙂


  3. Yes to non Pinterest worthy cupcakes! So often the cupcakes I make turn out less than pretty, but if they taste good, then that is all that matters! I bet these were delicious, that chocolate looks so good!


    • The taste is definitely what matters! The caramel was the most no-fuss topping ever but it was hubby’s favourite and I enjoyed them quite a lot myself!


  4. What a lovely weekend! Tea, cupcakes, and reading sounds fantastic to me. I never make anything pinterest worthy, so I think the taste is way more important. I’m really impressed you got through all those in one weekend too!


    • I couldn’t believe we ate all 24 in 24 hours – I was quite surprised but hubby said they tasted great so I’m not complaining. The taste is definitely what matters – I’m a bit over fancy Pinterest pics!


  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! And the cupcakes look delish! Share them everywhere girl, you made them! I have never had caramel frosting though YUM! Scenic drives and tea would make every weekend better 🙂


    • It is such a simple topping but so tasty! I’ve made ganache before and made fiddly fondant decorations which takes some time but after this I’m convinced caramel is my new favourite!


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