Hello Friday

This hasn’t been my favourite week!  Felt awful on Monday after no sleep.  Had to go to a meeting after work on Tuesday (after a rushed grocery shop), Wednesday I had training at the office then hubby had a work dinner afterwards.  I feel like I’ve been rushing around all week and I’m downright exhausted.  It was one year ago that my Gran’s had a massive stroke on Monday which means last year this time we had 8 weeks left with her.  The 1 year of her passing away is less than 2 months ago and I cannot wrap my head around that.  It still feels like yesterday.  I really thought I was doing fine and it is a shock to discover this week that I am not doing all that well.

I am trying to be positive and so here is my gratitude list for this week:

  • Relaxing weekend in Hermanus celebrating a special anniversary.
  • Feeling better – drinking loads of water and getting some sleep really helped.  I don’t know if I felt so ill from something I ate and I need to get an allergy test sometime to see if I need to limit certain foods.  Feeling worse and worse every time I eat certain carbs.
  • Mark – always taking care of me
  • Training at work went well on Wednesday
  • Warmer weather.  Although we are very hopeful for the rain which has been predicted for later.
  • A friend of mine who has alot on her mind, taking the time to send a really sweet and thoughtful message.
  • Quarter end is finished
  • According to the scale, 2 weeks of healthier eating paid off.
  • Sorbet nail polish – currently wearing a pretty red one.
  • Finally admitting that I have not dealt with my grief properly and I need to address it.

What is on your gratitude list this week?


10 Comments on “Hello Friday

  1. Goodness- what a tiring week.
    I hope this weekend brings your some health, downtime, and quiet moments to acknowledge and sort out your grief.
    I lost my aunt over 10 years ago and it took a long, long time for me to accept it and deal with it properly.


    • It was really a very long week!
      Grief is so difficult to deal with – some days I feel like I’m moving towards acceptance and then the next I feel like I’ve just gotten the phone call saying my Gran has passed away.
      Thanks for understanding.


  2. I am so sorry to hear this. Grief doesn’t have a timetable and I think that we have to process it at our own paces. It’s painful. I lost my grandma 6 years ago and it still hurts. Be good to you during this time. Let the small things go like who cares about the dirty house and gardening and etc. Those things can be taken care of later. Lots of self care like good books and movies and rest…throw in some hot tea because that makes me feel better …. ok and a cookie because you can indulge a bit 😉


    • It really is so painful – I keep thinking that I’m feeling better and then bam! no warning and I’m back to square one. Thank you for understanding and yes I totally agree self-care is so important. I do love my tea and reading so it is a good start to each day.


  3. life can sometimes blow, can’t it? it’s good that you can find the time to seek out positives because that’s the best way for keeping the negatives out and feeling down in the dumps. Losing a loved one is hard; it never gets easier but over time, you just find a way to keep going, even when it feels like you cant. Hugs.


    • Thank you Kathy.
      Losing a loved one is so hard – even when they are ill, it is a shock to lose them. I know I’ll never stop missing her, I just wish that it didn’t hurt so badly at times. But as you say focusing on the positves is the best way for keeping negativity at bay – I’m trying to remember the happy times and not her last 8 weeks before she passed away.


  4. Hey girl,
    Sending you lots of love this week and always. Isn’t it funny how grief creeps up on you? I buried my Dad almost 31 years ago on my third birthday and it never gets any easier. I think in my case, I will always long for a father that I never had and that’s what makes it more tragic.
    Hang on to the memories you made with her and hold them near and dear. Just remember that she’s always with you in your heart and in your spirit.

    Sending much love and hugs sweetie. xo


    • I cannot imagine what you must have gone through losing your Dad and burying him on your third birthday, Lindsay. It must have been so hard for you and your Mom. You are always so positive – I’m sorry you went through something so sad so young.
      A friend of mine said the same thing about hanging onto memories and how those we lose are still with us in our heart. I remind myself everyday and it is really helping.


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