15 years ago…..

On the 6th September 2002 I went on a date with the boy next door.  It was a fantastic evening and he made me laugh the entire time.

It has been a decade and a half since that first date and that boy next door is my husband and soulmate.  He has always been there for me and made me feel loved and special every single day.  He still makes my heart flutter, makes me laugh, takes me on wonderful adventures, has seen me at my best and worst and loved me unconditionally for 15 years.

I often feel undeserving of such an amazing person’s love.  His patience knows no limits, he sees the good in situations and has a positive attitude that I envy.  He goes the extra mile every single day for me and I can never thank him enough.  I can be having a super long day and he just makes it better, puts things in perspective and I feel calmer in seconds.


Thank you Marky.

For everything.

Words can never fully convey just how much I love you.


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