September mantras and goals

Spring has arrived on this side of the world and I’m feeling excited for the new month.   At the start of each month I like to look back on goals and list new ones.  I’ve also started choosing two quotes or mantras which I’d like to carry throughout the month with me.

My chosen mantras for September:

quote 1

This works as my gym and fitness quote for the month.

Quote 2

A reminder which is so true.  Putting it into practice can be tricky because sometimes people don’t have boundaries and you need to set them yourself.  Detaching yourself from drama and negativity takes time but I’m determined to continue doing this.

August goals recap:

Go to gym 2 – 3 times a week. Unfortunately not every week.

Eat more meat-free meals

Try a new recipe Googled lots of recipes but that was it!

Blog twice a week (minimum)  9 posts for August so I’m happy with that.

Read 3 books

Recycle as much as possible

Leave work stress at the office  Getting better at this but still room to improve.

Surround myself with positivity.  Stop letting toxic people get to me.  Set boundaries and limit contact.  Getting better at this as well.

Declutter for 15 minutes twice a week. Nope. Hopeless at this! Started on my desk and found a diary from 2006. Shook my head and packed everything back!

September goals:

Go to gym twice a week (minimum)

Limit sugar

Read 3 books

Write 8 Blog posts for the month (minimum)

Continue surrounding myself with positivity.

Post less on Facebook and focus more on my blog. Obviously will still log on to catch up with blog groups.

Stay on top of housework and laundry.

Make Monday to Thursday healthier eating days with treat/cheat days on the weekend.

Try a new recipe

Declutter for 15 minutes twice a week.



26 thoughts on “September mantras and goals

  1. Kim Munoz says:

    I decluttered and cleaned and still looks the same around here! LOL . Im awful at it. You crossed a lot of things off the list though so YAY! Might have to use a few of your goals for September too. I need to get my life together!


    • says:

      At least you got to the decluttering! When I found the diary from 11 years ago I felt really demotivated haha! I must get to it sometime though.
      Good luck for your goals in September 🙂


    • says:

      It can be so difficult – it has been something I’ve struggled with for years but I’m determined to do it!


    • says:

      Thank you! I agree – I need healthy meals that don’t take ages to make. After a long day at work I need something simple but nutritious.


  2. Louise says:

    I love the idea of monthly mantras. I start 2017 strong with meal planning but it’s 100% fallen by the wayside, especially with the house selling/moving. Ugh. Excuses, excuses. I’m going to try and be better in fall!


    • says:

      I also enjoy the monthly mantras. House selling/moving is stressful so don’t be hard on yourself – all the best for September and fall.


    • says:

      It is an awesome quote and I need to remind myself of it often.
      Training for a half-marathon must have been great – I’d love to do more running.


  3. Lindsay says:

    Hey love,
    I love your mantras and all of your goals for the month. I’m also trying to leave work stress at work and not bringing it home. It’s hard though.
    Seriously debating on deleting Facebook. The one thing stopping me is that I’m an admin for a handful of groups and once you do that, you lose those rights. I’m just tired of BS and people complaining.

    Good luck on accomplishing all of your goals my friend. 🙂


    • says:

      I know what you mean leaving work stress at the office is so difficult at times. I’m really working on this but some days it seems impossible.

      The awesome blogging group that you, Charlotte and Beth have keeps me on FB! I find I’m posting less often on my timeline and visiting the blogging group more. FB is not always fun. And sometimes if feels downright unfriendly!


    • says:

      I read everyday before work – my routine is a cup of tea, hot water and a book before my day starts – rain or shine 🙂


  4. Charlotte says:

    Your goals are pretty similar to mine and it sounds as though you had a pretty productive August! I love focusing on the positives, too. Sometimes the simplest acts can have the biggest impact on our lives. Also I need to get my butt to the gym more often, too, especially now that the summer mayhem has calmed down (mostly). XOXO


    • says:

      Totally agree – sometimes a simple act of kindness just makes a day that much more special. I’ve been terrible at going to gym so far and need to dust off my gym card LOL.


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