Currently: August

This year is going far too quickly and I cannot believe that next Friday will signal the first day of spring.  Every year just flies faster than the previous one – it is scary!


Loving: My hubby. His patience. His ability to make me laugh. His way of looking at the bright side of life even when I am being an old grumpy pants!  I love that he sees the good in people and situations.

Trying:  to be more positive and count my blessings before complaining about silly things.

Eating: Yoghurt with salted caramel. Felt I needed a treat after a healthy lunch.

Drinking: Not enough water, too much tea.  Oh well.

Craving: sushi.  I cannot get enough!

Feeling: very proud of Mark’s photography and so glad that he set up his website a few months ago.  He has always focused on wildlife and avian photography and recently added landscapes to his portfolio.  You are welcome to check his website out

Reading: “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. I’ve heard many people talk about it – glad I finally got around to reading this.

Watching: “This is us” “Doubt” old reruns of “Mike and Molly”

Enjoying: the much needed rain.

Missing: My Gran. Next month will be 10 months since she passed away.

Grateful: for a thoughtful friend who Whatsapped me to ask how I was feeling the other day – she knows how much my Gran meant to me. Grief isn’t something everyone wants to talk about – I think sometimes people think there is a time limit or they just assume you have moved on and don’t want to talk about it. Grateful for my friend’s kindness.

Marvelling at: 3 snapdragon plants that popped up in a flower box the other day. I loved these when I was younger – my Gran used to have them in her garden. Ages ago I planted some and they didn’t last long. So you can imagine my surprise at 3 of them growing when I didn’t plant any seeds.

Need: to stop eating so much cheese.

Smiling:  at a selfie taken a few days ago on a day trip.  I find Canola fields to be so bright and cheerful 🙂



22 Comments on “Currently: August

  1. I love currently lists. I still haven’t watched “This is Us”. I always hear great things about that show. Have a great week.


  2. I really enjoyed ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ when I read it! Also, I NEVER drink enough water but I consume way too much coffee and tea. Ha!


    • I cannot put it down! It is so sad but Morrie’s attitude and views on life and death are so amazing. Tea is my weakness!


  3. I am not drinking enough water either! I totally get it! And you’re flipflopped of me, you have spring coming and we have Fall coming! Crazy! I agree the year is going by too fast.


  4. Aw, I love your selfie – it’s great! Also love your husband’s wildlife photos. So cool.

    So sorry about your gran. I lost my grandfather 13 months ago and miss him so much.


    • Thank you so much 🙂

      I’m sorry about your Grandfather – losing a loved one is so heartbreaking. Nothing prepares you for it – even when a person is ill, the shock of losing them is still unexpected.


  5. Awww, that’s wonderful news re: your hubby’s website and photography! I wish him all the best 🙂

    And it’s great to have friends who just GET us and understand when we might need a shoulder to lean on. I’m so sorry about your gran 😦 Sending great big virtual hugs to you, my sweet.

    Tuesdays with Morrie–it’s been ages, but it’s a wonderful book, isn’t it? And This Is Us. GAH! The.Best.


    • Thank you – he is really enjoying it so much 🙂

      Yes friends that just GET one are wonderful. Thank you for the hugs 🙂 My Gran was just so positive and kind-hearted that the space she has left behind is so huge. I cannot believe that November will be a year.

      I cannot put “Tuesdays with Morrie” down. Nearly finished. So sad but so beautiful at the same time.


  6. It’s nice to see you giving thanks and acknowledging your hubby’s patience. I was just thinking that mine is a saint as well and that I could’ve written that point out myself. A couple of days in the last week I’ve been crabby as hell and he just tells me to knock it off and takes it like a grain of salt.
    Yogurt with salted caramel, now that sounds delicious!
    Your husband is pretty amazing and talented. I think my fave photos are of the elephants (so in love with eles), the snoozing rhinos and the yawning hippo in the water. Those are great! 🙂
    And the bird photos, my mother in law would have loved to see those pictures. I think you and I were talking about birds one day and that’s one thing she loved, even right up until she died, they brought her comfort. And on that note, I’m so sorry about your Gran. The magnitude of loss subsides in time but it never goes away. I miss my grandparents (both maternal and paternal) and most especially my dad that died almost 31 years ago, just days before my 3rd birthday.

    Link this post up on September 7th for the Mantras/goals/currently link up if you’d like.



    • I can relate to being ‘crabby as hell’ lol! I’m trying to be more positive but sometimes random little things just get to me and I need a gallon of tea (or wine) and a book. My husband’s patience is really appreciated and I’m glad you can relate. It is wonderful to have someone you can lean on and be yourself with even when you are in a mood 🙂

      Thanks for visiting my hubby’s website – glad you liked the photos 🙂 Being in nature is just so relaxing and we find it just takes stress away.

      I didn’t know you lost your Dad so young – so sorry to hear that. You are right about the loss – it doesn’t go away but in time it subsides. Nothing prepares one for the loss of a loved one. Even if a person is ill, it is still a shock.
      I read about your Mother-in-law and hope that you, your husband and his family are okay.


    • Yes it was very sweet of her. Grief is really hard and a kind word can really brighten up a day.

      The yoghurt with salted caramel is really good 🙂 More like a dessert than a yoghurt.


  7. I love Mark’s site – he’s very talented! And I so need to get on the This is Us bandwagon!

    And my thoughts are with you during this healing season for the loss of your Gran.


    • Thank you for visiting his website!

      I highly recommend “This is Us”. Such a lovely series.

      Thank you – losing my Gran has really been hard and there are moments when I miss her just that much more.


  8. Hubby’s site looks so good – he’s got skillz. So sorry to hear about your gran, I lost my nana 13 years ago and I still miss her terribly. But the memories always warm the cockles of my heart. How good was “This Is Us”? I hope they hurry up and make the next series!


    • Thank you for visiting – he is really enjoying his photography.

      Thank you – I know what you mean – having memories of a loved one are so precious.

      We haven’t finished the first season here in SA – I hope they are making a second season because I’m going to miss it when it finishes!


  9. Good list. I like cheese but used to eat too much; cutting down on it improved my health. Like many things, moderation is the key. Finding balance isn’t easy but our bodies recognize it. Fun post!


    • Cheese is my weakness – glad you were able to cut down and it paid off. It is just to find the balance – not easy!


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