5 things I’m bad at sharing

I like to think of myself as a kind and generous person.  And I am – most of the time.  However there are 5 things I’m rather selfish with – I’m not proud but at least I’m honest!

1.) Books.  I’m very protective over my books.  I do lend to an Aunt of mine but that is because she is as fussy as I am when it comes to returning things in the condition they were lent in.

2.)  Weekends.  Spare time is precious!  We all have busy lives and I feel weekends are a precious commodity I sometimes need to be stingy with.  Obviously hubby and I enjoy spending time with family and close friends.  But I draw the line with random people that want to fill your social calendar.

The same goes for weekends away.  This is Mark and I time.  I don’t understand people who WhatsApp the day before asking if you will be in the same area.  Family and friends are different but not some arbitrary person who has chosen the same weekend to be away and wants to meet up for an unplanned catch up.

No thank you.

3.)  Leftover pizza.  I love it the next day and have unashamedly eaten my husbands leftovers twice in the last month 🙂

4.)  Stationery.  I know it might sound odd to be territorial over cardboard folders and plastic sleeves but I love stationery. Even if the company bought it and I don’t technically own that box of paper clips and staples I feel the need to squirrel it away for winter. Or more accurately quarter end.

5.)  Make up. I put this on at home and never carry it on me during the day. This way I can be honest and say I don’t have any if asked. I’m sorry but I don’t:

a) share my Clinique treasures

b) want another person’s bacteria on my mascara wand.

It may be selfish but it is certainly hygienic.

I cannot be the only person who feels this way about random things which are a pain to share! What are yours? Don’t be shy!


21 Comments on “5 things I’m bad at sharing

  1. I’m very protective of my books and make up as well. I don’t think it’s selfish to not share your makeup. I don’t want anyone else’s germs on my makeup.


    • I used to feel bad saying no to sharing make up but hygiene comes first! I love my books and it pains me when people give it back dog eared and looking a little worse for wear!


  2. LOL I love this topic. I am pretty good about sharing most things but I agree about weekends. That time is precious and I pretty much share with my family and occasionally my best friend and that’s about it! And I agree, I won’t share makeup either – too unsanitary.


    • Thank you!
      Yes weekends are really precious and I’ve found it frustrating that not everyone gets that. When Mark and I are away it is our time. I shouldn’t have to explain this to random people!


  3. People actually ask you to use your makeup? Absolutely NOT! That just seems odd. Weekends are spent with Jason and Jake. I feel bad not making more plans with others but I love my time with my men.


    • Thankfully I haven’t been asked in a while but I used to feel bad squirreling my make up bag away.
      I love my time with my husband – our weeks are busy and weekends are for relaxing and enjoying each others company. I have started saying no to more and putting us first because life is about priorities. We love photography and being in nature and you cannot do everything and make everyone happy – it just isn’t possible.


  4. I completely agree with not sharing make-up, though I honestly don’t remember the last time someone asked to borrow any of mine either. And weekends! I only see my s/o on weekends, so it better be pretty important if you’re asking me to share my free time! Love this idea!


    • Yes I agree it better be very important if it involves sharing free time 🙂
      My weekends are a precious commodity I don’t want to share with just anyone! Saying no has gotten easier but there was a time I felt I had to say yes to things just to keep others happy. Got sucked into dinners and gatherings hubby and I didn’t want to go to.


  5. Totally protective of books. Also totally the kind of person who keeps borrowed books that book lenders hate. (I don’t try to, but sometimes I do… Oops…)


    • I actually feel pressured to read quickly when borrowing books from others! I know what it is like to wait ages for it to be returned so I end up rushing and not always enjoying it! I’m sitting with a book from my Aunt and I know she isn’t in a hurry to get it back but I see it there in the bookcase ….waiting….LOL


    • Thank you!
      I’m glad that others can relate to being careful with their weekends. I’ve watched a weekend disappear before my eyes from saying yes to too many friends. By the Sunday evening I was exhausted and for what?


    • Glad that you get most back in good condition but sorry you’ve lost some. I’ve always loved reading and adore my book collection 🙂


  6. You’d think my answer would be food – but that’s not true. I love to share food. Hmm. And my T-shirts. My daughters borrow them all the time and I love that. My toothbrush. I think I’d have a hard time sharing my toothbrush.

    Unless it was with Elizabeth Banks.


    • I agree – food is fun to share and I’m sure your daughters appreciate you sharing your T-shirts.
      I didn’t think to add toothbrush to my list! It is one of the random things nobody has ever asked to borrow!
      Elizabeth Banks is awesome – you must be a really big fan 🙂


  7. I’m an only child which makes me terrible at sharing. I too am very protective of my weekends and I would also add chocolate and people to the list. When I make a plan to set aside time to see friends, I don’t like sharing them if another person (especially one I don’t really know) joins us! Bah humbug!


    • Weekends are just so precious – I just don’t understand people that don’t get that! And then trying to make someone feel guilty for making an excuse – grrrrr
      Yes that is frustrating when you have set aside time for one person and end up in a group – especially if you don’t know someone well.


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