Monthly Mantras and goals

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Today after work I’m dusting off my gym card, putting on my running shoes and heading for the gym!  Really keen to get back into my running and perhaps doing a park run sometime.  I need to stop putting it off.

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I’m over letting people who cannot be happy for others into my life and having them try steal my sunshine at every opportunity.  I’m so tired of sharing a story or weekend anecdote and having someone (who I ironically I don’t even consider a friend) try get some unnecessary comment in or take the conversation over and make it about them.  I did a post on these energy vampires in June  and need to set boundaries.  Unfortunately this is easier said than done.


Go to gym 2 – 3 times a week.

Eat more meat-free meals

Try a new recipe

Blog twice a week (minimum)

Read 3 books

Recycle as much as possible

Leave work stress at the office

Surround myself with positivity.  Stop letting toxic people get to me.  Set boundaries and limit contact.

Declutter for 15 minutes twice a week.




26 Comments on “Monthly Mantras and goals

  1. I am also dusting off the gym shoes this week and getting back into a routine. It’s time for a healthier me. Also, energy vampires are the worst. I deal with them way to often and I’m over it. Looks like you have some solid goals this month! Good luck!


    • Good luck with getting back into your routine 🙂
      I’m so over toxic people – simply not worth engaging with someone who cannot be happy for others and cannot stand your happiness or enjoyment with something. Ugh! Enough is enough!


  2. Good attitude. Too often we let others dictate our mood or response. That’s foolish. WE get to decide how we live and shouldn’t cede that power to others. Good luck with August!


    • This is something I really need to stop. I’ve wasted too much time letting other people’s issues get to me.


  3. It is SO hard to do that, but I’ve been with you on that too. I no longer let people bring me down when I’m in a good place. I work hard to be in my good place! You can do it!


    • It is SO hard at times but I’m determined to do it. Glad you managed it – any advice is welcome!


  4. One of my goals is to exercise more. I think going to the gym 2-3 times a week is a great goal. Good luck on accomplishing your goals this month.


    • Good luck with your gym goals – I find if I go to gym on a Monday I feel motivated to continue the week with more visits and healthy eating. Went last week after work and hoping to go again this evening.


  5. This is a wonderful list of goals. I think sometimes putting these things out into the universe helps, because it means that we’re holding ourselves accountable… so I wish you all the best of luck and hope you can get rid of some of these energy vampires… they really do suck the life force out of you and it’s so important to invest on people who want to lift you up in life ❤ Sending all good energy and positive vibrations your way and hope you can achieve these goals, momma!! XOXO


    • Thank you – I’m hoping by putting this out into the universe I’m going to remember each day to make decisions that reach my goals.
      Energy vampires are awful and I’ve had enough. Without saying too much I cannot avoid this situation altogether but I’m working on limiting contact. I’m not going to share good news so I get an unnecessary comment made. If it was someone close, a relative or a friend I’d probably find it easier to broach the topic but it is a tricky cannot-avoid-contact-100% situation. If I say something it could make an environment unpleasant.


  6. Ugh, can’t stand people like that. It’s definitely good to cut ties.

    Great goals! I like to shoot for two blog post a week too.

    Good luck with all of them!


    • Thank you. At the moment cutting ties or avoiding 100% isn’t quite possible. I’m planning on limiting contact as best I can and not engaging in negativity.
      Really enjoying the blogging at the moment 🙂


  7. I love the quote you have here and shared it on my Instagram a few weeks ago. It’s so important to take care of you and to love yourself. Good for you in getting back to the gym and yea for new goals!


    • It is a great quote and one I need to remember! I am over letting other people’s negativity get to me.
      I managed to fit in a workout after work yesterday and hoping to go again tonight 🙂


  8. Toxic people are the worst! There are just some people out there that want everyone to feel as down as they do! Yay for getting back to the gym and running. I’m SO not a runner, but I do need to get moving more.



    • It is simple – if a person has nothing nice to say, then say nothing! Toxic people don’t understand that though – if it isn’t about them then anything (a holiday/book/movie/restaurant/random product) is not interesting to them and they have to make a snarky comment.
      Good luck with moving more 🙂


    • I had to use it! It just felt perfect for this month’s goals 🙂


    • Me too 🙂 It is a conscious decision I need to make each day. Not get drawn into drama and things that don’t bring joy.


  9. For me, leaving work stuff and stress at the door is hard. Sometimes I just like to get things off my chest as a way to clear the slate, then be done with it, but that’s not always the case, is it?!

    Boundaries are absolutely necessary or it can let others seep in through the cracks when you’re not expecting it. I’ve learned this over the last couple of years and it is a hard thing to do, it’s not something we’re perfect at but we can certainly work at it.



  10. I know what you mean – sometimes you need to talk an issue or stressful situation out with someone. Not always possible to leave work stress at the door. I just noticed I was letting silly things stress me out and it was things that wouldn’t matter the next day.

    Setting boundaries are easier said than done but I’m determined to do it. Zero contact is unfortunately not an option in this instance but I will be limiting contact and simply engaging less. I’m hoping the hint will be received.



  11. What great goals and wonderful words of wisdom. As the Minimalists say “you can’t change your friends, but you can change your friends.” Get it?! Life’s too short to let anyone steal your sparkle. I love the decluttering time – I think I need to incorporate more of that 🙂


    • Brilliant quote Sammie – and so true.
      Life is too short to surround yourself with people who drag you down. And I’m not letting anyone steal my sparkle going forward 🙂


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