Wilderness weekend

Last week was Mark’s birthday and we celebrated in Wilderness.  We left super early on the Friday morning and it was freezing.  I was so glad I’d packed in so many warm clothes until we arrived to what felt like summer!

We had breakfast at Flava Cafe which is a lovely restaurant we always go to when travelling up the Garden Route.



Afterwards we visited Wilderness National Park – Ebb and Flow.  The weather was stunning – sunny and hot which was very unexpected for the end of July!  We were at reception when hubby noticed a bird through the window and rushed outside, camera in hand.  It turned out to be a Greater Double Collared Sunbird!  We keep a list of birds we’ve sighted and this was a new one – great start to our visit!  The park is beautiful and so tranquil so we took our time walking around and could not believe our eyes when we spotted 5 (yes FIVE!!) Knysna Louries.  This beautiful bird left us speechless last time we visited Wilderness so you can imagine the excitement seeing 5.


Obviously my phone camera cannot do this sighting justice but hubby was ready with his camera and managed to get a beautiful picture of this magnificent bird which is on his website http://markbooysen.com/

We took a drive to Sedgefield afterwards both stunned at the sighting and wondering what else the weekend had in store.


Making our way back to Wilderness we checked into our favourite B & B in the Garden Route called Mont Fleur.  We’ve been there a few times and the hosts are so welcoming it is like visiting family.



Off to Cocomo afterwards we strolled (hubby pleased he’d packed in a t-shirt, me feeling very warm under my thermal vest) and enjoyed drinks and jalapeno poppers (absolutely delicious).  It is a tradition of ours to visit Cocomo – the restaurant has a relaxed vibe that just leaves us feeling chilled within minutes of arriving.



Dinner that evening was pizza at Pomodoro which is just over the road from Cocomo.  Their pizza’s are delicious!  I tried the Carne for the first time (bolognaise, feta and pepperdew) and I was not disappointed.  Hubby opted for the Amore (bacon, feta and avo).  Booking is essential as they are very popular.

We made our way back to the B & B and fell into bed exhausted.

After breakfast the next day we visited Ebb and Flow again and I heard Mark’s cell going off.  He subscribes to SA rare bird news and receives e-mails when there are sightings.  A White-Browed Scrub Robin was spotted at the Reflections Eco Reserve which wasn’t far so we made our way there and were able to visit the reserve.  We ran into fellow birders who gave us the latest news on the sighting and drove to the area where the bird had been spotted.  Walked and waited.   Unfortunately we didn’t see the White-Browed Scrub Robin but we did see (and hear) a Fish Eagle which was stunning.

Making our way back, we were sorry we didn’t spot the bird we’d been looking for but glad we’d tried and also got to see this stunning Eco Reserve.  We were so caught up in the moment of searching for this elusive bird that we realised afterwards we didn’t take a single picture of this beautiful place.  Well, that is a brilliant reason to go back and re-visit!

After another visit to Cocomo and some more tasty jalapeno peppers we made our way to dinner for another delicious pizza over the road at Pomodoro.

Sunday was our last day and hubby was thrilled that we didn’t leave without another bird sighting.  A Chorister Robin Chat which he’d been he’d been wanting to spot for ages (and looks out for each time we are in Wilderness) flew across our car! We enjoyed another scrumptious breakfast and then had to bid farewell to our hosts.  Visited Ebb and Flow again and before we made our way back to Cape Town.


What a weekend!  I cannot wait to go back 🙂


10 Comments on “Wilderness weekend

  1. This looks like it was a lovely trip! The photos are so pretty! The B&B sounds like a great place to stay too!


  2. That’s really cool you guys are into bird watching and taking photographs. I remember years ago, my Grandma was an aficionado and just LOVED bird watching. Your hubby’s camera is hardcore. Does he want to give it away? I’ll take it off his hands… LOL Just kidding.

    Sounds like a nice weekend away. 🙂


    • Birding can be so relaxing – I’m sure your Grandma would have agreed it is such an enjoyable pastime. We’ve been keeping a lifer list for a couple years now and adding new birds is always exciting.
      Lol at hubby’s camera! He never spoils himself so I was so glad when he finally bought it – he’d been wanting that lens for ages 🙂


  3. It looks like a wonderful weekend – we did a tour of the Garden Route on our honeymoon and went to Wilderness too! It’s such a beautiful part of the world. How cool that hubby has bird alerts on his phone – the wonders of modern technology!


    • What a wonderful place to spend your honeymoon! The Garden Route is beautiful – we visit as often as we can.
      Hubby gets an e-mail each time there is a rare bird sighting and it was great timing on Saturday 🙂


  4. I’m so glad to have found your site. I love your photos and hearing about your life in South Africa. I can only imagine what it is like to see these birds in person. I’m heading over to look at your husband’s website.


    • Thanks for the visit Sheryl!
      It was a very special weekend because we don’t often spot some of those birds (even when we are in Wilderness). We were definitely in the right place at the right time for the Knysna Loerie. My husband started his website recently and he loads his photos after each trip, then does a blog post with details of our getaway.


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