Currently: July

I always enjoy reading these sort of posts from fellow bloggers.  It feels like a catchup in a nutshell 🙂

Enjoying:  The heater on in the office.  It has been so cold and I feel like I’m defrosting a bit 🙂

Eating:  Comfort food and blaming the weather haha!  Boerewors rolls and oven chips are my current weakness.  The pizza enjoyed last Friday is a close second!

Drinking:  Tea with honey.

Watching:  “This is us”  Oh my goodness I cannot get enough of this program – the characters are awesome and I love how it jumps from present to past seamlessly.

Reading:  “Lessons in Heartbreak” by Cathy Kelly.  Am finding parts of the book sad as the elderly lady in the story is ill and makes me think of my Gran last year.

Looking forward to:  Mark’s birthday next week.  I get as excited for my husband’s birthdays as my own.

Glad:  A busy morning is finished and I can enjoy lunchtime knowing I ticked off most on my to-do list

Need to:  go to gym but I’ve had such toothache and a sore throat so I keep putting it off.

Relieved:  That I’ve decided to postpone studying further for now.  Made the decision last week and feel it is the right one.  Working fulltime and studying part-time takes discipline and dedication and I need to be 100% sure I’m doing the right thing.

Planning on:  Being more selective as to who I let (and keep in my social life).  Why do I consistently let a rude, no-filter, cannot-be-happy-for-others individual get to me?

Thinking of:  another cup of tea.   Even though I know I should drink more water.

Ready:  To go home and chill with my hubby.


14 thoughts on “Currently: July

  1. Kimberly Airhart says:

    I’ve never had tea with honey but that sounds delightful. I must try. I am a sucker for pizza and chips too. I haven’t had them in 5 months though. arg. that is tough.
    I am joining you on the currently post today.

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    • Anthea says:

      I gave up sugar 2 years ago and often drink tea with just milk. However a teaspoon of honey really makes a difference 🙂
      I’m going to catch up on your blog now!


  2. Emily says:

    I love reading Currently posts too! I still haven’t watched This Is Us, but I plan to soon. I’ve heard so many good things about this show. I should definitely drink more water too even though I really want some coffee.

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    • Anthea says:

      This Is Us is brilliant – I’m sure you will enjoy it. Watch from the beginning as so much happens in the first episode (which you only realise at the end).


    • Anthea says:

      I love it – I actually look forward to Mondays because I know it will be on that evening!

      Oven chips are frozen potato chips. You pop them in the oven instead of frying them. They are a quick and easy snack 🙂


  3. Charlotte says:

    These are my favorite posts to read, too 🙂 Provides such great insight into our blogger friends! UGH, This is Us… SO much heartache and happiness and emotions in one show. I adore it. All of the characters are perfect, the writing… it seems a lot more believable than most of the other stuff on TV, eh?

    Also, this: Planning on: Being more selective as to who I let (and keep in my social life). Why do I consistently let a rude, no-filter, cannot-be-happy-for-others individual get to me?

    I get this, too. I have spent a lot of time letting those kinds of “friends” get to me, but putting my own needs first and investing in friends who support and encourage me has been the best medicine for the soul. ❤ I hope you are able to do the same, momma! Sending much love. XOOX

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    • Anthea says:

      I always enjoy learning more about blogger friends and posts like these are a great way to do it 🙂
      That show is awesome – I agree it seems more believable than a lot of series on TV. The characters are amazing – I just want them all to be happy and find what they are looking for!
      Good friends who are genuine are such good medicine for the soul. I really hope I can let go in a nice way – and do it assertively but not in a rude way. Not easy.


  4. Dani says:

    I love these types of posts! I’ve had my space heater on all summer because my office is freezing. This Is Us is one of my favorite shows- I just love the characters. My s/o’s bday is next week too! Hope you have a great time celebrating!

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    • Anthea says:

      Thank you for the visit! I love the characters in This Is Us – I cannot get enough of the show and am looking forward to the next episode SO much!
      Enjoy celebrating next week 🙂


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