Hello weekend!

20170716_095011 (003)

What a week!  It has been a busy one and I’m thrilled that Friday has arrived.  I probably say this every Friday but so be it!  I love Fridays and recalling all the things that made me happy over the week.

My list this week includes:

  • Being surprised with sunflowers last Friday after work.  Mark knows they are one of my favourite flowers and I love how they brighten up the kitchen table.
  • Relaxing weekend.  Stormy weather and a sore throat meant a quiet Saturday in front of the heater, catching up on series.
  • Lunch at Fraiche Ayres on Sunday followed by a drive.  Chapmans Peak was closed to rockfalls but the picnic area was open.
  • My friend Jaclyn got engaged in Franschhoek over the weekend
  • Tea in bed after a long day
  • Househunters International – I can binge watch this for hours
  • Toothache and sore throat finally seem to be going
  • When Mark just knows I need biltong and wine before dinner
  • Getting back into my blogging groove.  I’m enjoying it more than Facebook and love catching up on fellow bloggers news.
  • Dinner with friends tonight at one of our favourite restaurants.

What is on your list today?


Currently: July

I always enjoy reading these sort of posts from fellow bloggers.  It feels like a catchup in a nutshell 🙂

Enjoying:  The heater on in the office.  It has been so cold and I feel like I’m defrosting a bit 🙂

Eating:  Comfort food and blaming the weather haha!  Boerewors rolls and oven chips are my current weakness.  The pizza enjoyed last Friday is a close second!

Drinking:  Tea with honey.

Watching:  “This is us”  Oh my goodness I cannot get enough of this program – the characters are awesome and I love how it jumps from present to past seamlessly.

Reading:  “Lessons in Heartbreak” by Cathy Kelly.  Am finding parts of the book sad as the elderly lady in the story is ill and makes me think of my Gran last year.

Looking forward to:  Mark’s birthday next week.  I get as excited for my husband’s birthdays as my own.

Glad:  A busy morning is finished and I can enjoy lunchtime knowing I ticked off most on my to-do list

Need to:  go to gym but I’ve had such toothache and a sore throat so I keep putting it off.

Relieved:  That I’ve decided to postpone studying further for now.  Made the decision last week and feel it is the right one.  Working fulltime and studying part-time takes discipline and dedication and I need to be 100% sure I’m doing the right thing.

Planning on:  Being more selective as to who I let (and keep in my social life).  Why do I consistently let a rude, no-filter, cannot-be-happy-for-others individual get to me?

Thinking of:  another cup of tea.   Even though I know I should drink more water.

Ready:  To go home and chill with my hubby.


Hello Friday



My weekend is just over 3 hours away and I am SO glad!  It has been a  busy week – but a good one.  Just need some relaxation!  There is something about winter that just takes it out of me – I have less energy with the cold temperatures.

Anyway each Friday there is a link up with The Peaceful Posse which is hosted by Lindsay http://theflynnigans.com/  and Charlotte http://mypixieblog.com/

We list what made us happy during the week and I always enjoy seeing what fellow bloggers are up to and adding to their lists.

My list this week:

3 day weekend!  Mark and I took Friday off last week and went to Franschhoek.  We walked around and then had lunch at Franschhoek Station Pub and Grill.


Mark had their chicken schnitzel and I went with the cheese burger.

Chicken schnitzelCheese burger

Even though it was a very cold day, we opted to sit outside and I was glad we’d layered up warmly.


Quick selfie with the love of my life 🙂

The rest of my gratitude list for the week:

  • Rain (and more is expected tomorrow)
  • Visiting my Father-in-law on Tuesday after work.  He had an op last week – it went well and the Dr is happy.
  • An Uncle of mine that had a serious health scare is on the mend.
  • Miktart
  • Awesome Wednesday evening spent relaxing and enjoying biltong and wine before dinner.  Great start to the evening
  • Movies after work on Thursday.  Watched “The House” with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler – hilarious!
  • Debbie Macomber books
  • Found the new Oreo biscuits (peanut butter) for hubby.  He is thrilled!

What is on your gratitude list?


July goals

This year is seriously flying by!  Seems like the other day we were wishing each other Happy New Year, getting back to work and returning to routines.  Now it is July and I moan about how cold it is about 400 times a day.

Anyway, as I sit here having a quick lunch and enjoying the heater I thought I’d share two quotes I aim to remember throughout the month as well as my July goals:


The top quote is a reminder that choosing to be grateful is a choice.  Not dwelling on negative things or wasting time worrying.  Looking for the positives in a situation isn’t always easy but it is essential at times!


The second quote is something I try to remember often.  Life is too short!  This quote ties in so well with my previous post https://my30somethingadventures.wordpress.com/2017/06/28/life-is-too-short/

My goals for the month are:

  • Begin my day with quiet time.  Starting with a cup of tea, a daily reading and prayer.  I have realised if I don’t start my day like this, I often don’t find the time later on.
  • Make hubby’s birthday later this month awesome.  I enjoy his birthdays as much as my own so this is an easy goal!
  • Drink more water.  Try match each cup of tea with a glass of water.
  • Visit gym twice a week (minimum)
  • Have 2 Facebook free days a week.
  • Read 3 books
  • Spend more time blogging.
  • Vist and do a post on Franschhoek
  • Try a new recipe
  • Stay on top of the housework and laundry
  • Sort out linen cupboard, declutter study cupboard and organise bookcase
  • Keep things in perspective.  Leave work stress at the office.  Appreciate the simple things in day to day life.

What are your goals for this month?