Long weekend in the Overberg

This past weekend was spent exploring the Overberg.  We set out early on Friday morning and made our way to Stanford.  The Willem Appel Dam is beautiful and great for birding opportunities.  It was a freezing morning but Mark had his camera ready for sightings.

Pic 1

He saw movement by the reeds and wondered if he’d spotted the Black Crake (a bird which has eluded him for 2 years!)  As avid birders we keep a list of every bird we’ve sighted and were hoping to add to this.  Unfortunately we couldn’t positively identify the bird and our list remained the same.  We warmed up with some coffee at a nearby restaurant and hoped that we’d get a chance to spot the mystery bird again before the end of the weekend.


We set off to Hermanus where we were staying for the long weekend and had a tasty breakfast at The Bistro which is a stunning restaurant with a beautiful view.


(love the sign next to the mirror).

We walked around a bit, looking (hopefully) for whales, enjoying the wintry sunshine and soaking up the long-weekend feeling.


Later, after checking in, we drove to Gansbaai and spent some time watching the boats returning to the Harbour.


Gansbaai is well known for its Great White Shark cage diving.

We stopped off at Danger Point on the way back.  With the sunny weather we wanted to make the most of the day.


On the way back we also visited De Kelders which is a great spot to watch sunsets.

After making our way back to Hermanus, we had a braai and enjoyed a relaxing evening.  The stresses of the week felt very far away as we recalled our adventures for the day.

It rained in the night and we woke to an overcast day (we were glad we’d made the most of the previous days sunshine!)  We drove to Stanford where we enjoyed a breakfast at Coffee Corner.  It was freezing outside and the restaurant has a cosy fireplace which made such a difference.


Couldn’t resist snapping a pic of this sign!


That afternoon we visited our favourite pub in Hermanus for a few drinks.


On Sunday morning a return trip to the Willem Appel Dam in Stanford meant that Mark spotted the Black Crake at long last!  The bird emerged from the reeds and onto the lily pads!  We could add to our list which is now at 198 birds and were thrilled.  Worth braving the cold for!

After breakfast we packed up and decided to visit Rooi-Els before coming home.  There is another bird we’ve been looking for there – the Cape Rockjumper.  We’ve been numerous times and Mark has only seen one at a distance.  Feeling hopeful we arrived and started walking while scanning the area for this bird.  Hubby spotted one first and walked up the mountain to try get a photo.  They are super quick but this was the closest we’d seen one and we were thrilled!


Big smiles after spotting the elusive Cape Rockjumper!

What an awesome weekend it was!



10 thoughts on “Long weekend in the Overberg

    • https://my30somethingadventures.wordpress.com/ says:

      I had to take pictures of the signs – I’m always doing that in restaurants 🙂


  1. Charlotte says:

    Sounds like an incredible weekend! I love that you are both bird watchers and that you keep a list of the many you see! That’s a wonderful bonding experience, and having a chance to see two new ones, definitely sounds like it was worth the cold temps 🙂

    love that sign in the cafe, too (as well as “Love the wine you’re with.” HA!).

    Liked by 1 person

    • https://my30somethingadventures.wordpress.com/ says:

      Yes definitely worth the cold temperatures! When there is a rare bird sighted it is always exciting rushing off and seeing if we can spot it and add to our list 🙂
      I loved that sign so much!


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