Friday at last!

This week has dragged by so slowly, it felt like Friday would never arrive.  But here we are *does a happy dance*

I am seriously doing a countdown to 4:00pm as I type this.

Anyway despite being a long week with a few irritations along the way (I found a self-appointed expert to be bloody annoying, I hardly found time to gym and I let silly things get to me) there is alot to be grateful for.  So here is this weeks list of things that made me happy:

  • Mark’s project at work is going well.  He did a course in March and is now working on a huge project as well as doing all his work.  I’m so proud of him and his dedication.
  • PNA had a sale last week.  Now as someone who adores stationery – this was wonderful.  I went on Friday after work.  Then I went again on Sunday (I had to make sure I hadn’t missed something)!
  • Awesome Saturday.  Woke up and had delicious flapjacks and bacon for breakfast, took a long and scenic drive to Franschhoek and visited the Station Pub.  We sat outside and it was quite cold but we warmed up instantly when our lunches arrived.  I had been thinking about pizza for days and it was worth the wait!
  • Attending a very interesting client seminar on Tuesday.
  • Doing the grocery shopping last night after work for this weekend.  My word but I don’t enjoy grocery shopping!  Shoe and clothing shopping?  YES.  Book shopping?  YES.  Stationery shopping?  HOORAY.  Grocery shopping?  MEH.  Ended up going to 3 different shops to get everything (major annoyance) but I cannot wait for tonights comfort food and treats that are just waiting at home ready to be enjoyed.
  • Working out a new fitness/healthy eating plan.  Still very much in progress but I don’t want to let my gym card gather dust just because it is winter.
  • Reading with a cup of tea first thing in the morning.
  • Rain is predicted this weekend and again next week (praying we get LOADS).
  • Mark making me laugh out loud at the most random things – I am grateful for my husband’s sense of humour as I sometimes forget mine when I’m stressing over nonsense.
  • Two days of fun and relaxation are less than 8 hours away!

What about you?  What is currently on your gratitude list?



2 thoughts on “Friday at last!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hey Momma,
    How was your weekend? Are you thick in the throes of your wintertime? Are you getting rain?

    Curious, but with you loving stationary, do you also have a penchant for fountain pens like my husband does? He LOVES stationary and fountain pens.
    Like you as well, I stress too much and I’m far too serious, so I appreciate my husband’s sense of humour and efforts to try and always make me laugh. 🙂

    Have a great week, love. xo

    P.S. cannot stand going to 34723 different grocery stores just to get everything off that list. So annoying!


  2. says:

    Hi Lindsay,
    Weekend was relaxing and just what I needed 🙂 It is very cold today and we are expecting rain tomorrow (hoping it is loads and loads).
    I love all stationery and have a had a few fancy pens but haven’t had a fountain pen (yet). I cannot go past a stationery store and we have Typo here which is just wonderful for stationery addicts like myself!
    My hubby’s sense of humour can turn a day around for me. Glad you can relate – I wish I could stress less over silly things.
    Have a great week.
    ps I’ve started the “sentence a day” – keeping a record on my phone for a blog post about June 🙂


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