Life is too short!

One of the loveliest qualities I appreciate in people is the ability to be genuinely happy for others.  It doesn’t cost a cent to be pleased for someone’s good fortune.  Something nice happens to or for them?  Smile and say something positive.  It really is not difficult.

So why do some find this characteristic so impossible to express?  When someone works hard and sees the benefits or excels at something they love or has a great holiday – why do some people have to be so unnecessarily mean about it?  Or they grimace like they are in pain because saying well done/great news/hope you enjoy is just too much effort.

I’ve seen it directed at myself and others and it doesn’t seem to be addressed much.  We all know someone that does this but often, nothing is said!

We share more with family and friends so naturally we expect a certain level of enthusiasm and encouragement in return.  For instance I don’t care if a random stranger doesn’t like my haircut but when someone I’ve known for a long time, can only make unnecessary comments I struggle not to take it personally.

I’m using a haircut as an example but sadly I have many other instances and it is the rule rather than the exception with some.  So many of us have a relative/in-law/friend/colleague who does this so how do you deal with those incapable of being happy for others?

I’m tired and it makes me resistant to share fun stories at times.  Where I’ve spent a weekend or what I’ve planned for my husband’s birthday.  Why open up with people who just cannot be happy for you?  Or those who make snarky comments instead of just keeping quiet since they clearly have nothing positive to say?

Another side to this is when someon suffers from Schadenfreude and seems to delight everytime something goes wrong for those around them.  You’ve barely poured out your tale of woe when suddenly everyone around you knows it as someone has gleefully passed it on.  For the record it is rude to sit and look delighted when someone tells you a sad story.

Sometimes after an encounter like this I think to myself that life is too short to surround myself with negativity.

After reminding myself that I have plenty of loving and positive people in my life, I decided to try limit contact (as much as possible) with those intent on raining on any parade they can pour down on.  I hope to never get like that – life is too short for such negativity!

Where does you draw the line with those who want to steal your joy?  Is it something everyone just pretends doesn’t bother them?  Or do you get to a stage where you no longer care?


Happy Friday!

Hello Friday!  The thought that the weekend is hours away always puts a smile on my face.

Plus it means making my weekly gratitude list and I love how positive the blogs feel on a Friday.  Reading other blogger’s lists with a cup of tea is a great start to the weekend.

My gratitude list for the week:

  • An amazing weekend in Hermanus.  Explored Stanford, Gansbaai and Rooi-Els and returned feeling so relaxed.
  • Going back to gym.
  • Watching “This Is Us” – I know it was on last weeks list but I LOVE this series and it makes Mondays better!  I’m also enjoying watching “Doubt”.
  • More rain this week
  • The way Mark makes me laugh, puts things in perspective and turns a long work day into a distant memory with his positive attitude
  • Winter evenings cuddling on the couch with the heater on
  • That I have the ability to be happy for others – a trait some people I know are incapable of.  May I never get like that!
  • Discovering new blogs – love it!
  • My Morgan Taylor nailpolish – wearing “sweater weather” which is perfect for winter.
  • Laughing at an old episode of “Friends” with Ross and ‘his sound’ on the keyboard.  Now I’m giggling at my desk just remembering it!

What is on your list?

Have a great weekend


Long weekend in the Overberg

This past weekend was spent exploring the Overberg.  We set out early on Friday morning and made our way to Stanford.  The Willem Appel Dam is beautiful and great for birding opportunities.  It was a freezing morning but Mark had his camera ready for sightings.

Pic 1

He saw movement by the reeds and wondered if he’d spotted the Black Crake (a bird which has eluded him for 2 years!)  As avid birders we keep a list of every bird we’ve sighted and were hoping to add to this.  Unfortunately we couldn’t positively identify the bird and our list remained the same.  We warmed up with some coffee at a nearby restaurant and hoped that we’d get a chance to spot the mystery bird again before the end of the weekend.


We set off to Hermanus where we were staying for the long weekend and had a tasty breakfast at The Bistro which is a stunning restaurant with a beautiful view.


(love the sign next to the mirror).

We walked around a bit, looking (hopefully) for whales, enjoying the wintry sunshine and soaking up the long-weekend feeling.


Later, after checking in, we drove to Gansbaai and spent some time watching the boats returning to the Harbour.


Gansbaai is well known for its Great White Shark cage diving.

We stopped off at Danger Point on the way back.  With the sunny weather we wanted to make the most of the day.


On the way back we also visited De Kelders which is a great spot to watch sunsets.

After making our way back to Hermanus, we had a braai and enjoyed a relaxing evening.  The stresses of the week felt very far away as we recalled our adventures for the day.

It rained in the night and we woke to an overcast day (we were glad we’d made the most of the previous days sunshine!)  We drove to Stanford where we enjoyed a breakfast at Coffee Corner.  It was freezing outside and the restaurant has a cosy fireplace which made such a difference.


Couldn’t resist snapping a pic of this sign!


That afternoon we visited our favourite pub in Hermanus for a few drinks.


On Sunday morning a return trip to the Willem Appel Dam in Stanford meant that Mark spotted the Black Crake at long last!  The bird emerged from the reeds and onto the lily pads!  We could add to our list which is now at 198 birds and were thrilled.  Worth braving the cold for!

After breakfast we packed up and decided to visit Rooi-Els before coming home.  There is another bird we’ve been looking for there – the Cape Rockjumper.  We’ve been numerous times and Mark has only seen one at a distance.  Feeling hopeful we arrived and started walking while scanning the area for this bird.  Hubby spotted one first and walked up the mountain to try get a photo.  They are super quick but this was the closest we’d seen one and we were thrilled!


Big smiles after spotting the elusive Cape Rockjumper!

What an awesome weekend it was!


Whats up, weekend

I’m a day early as it is a 3 day weekend 🙂

Just over 2 hours until my weekend starts and believe me, I CANNOT wait.

So this is what made me happy this week:

  • Hubby is setting up a photography website and I’m so proud of him.
  • RAIN!
  • Our heater
  • Breakfast at Die Damhuis on Sunday morning after a long lie in.
  • 4 day week and a 3 day weekend to look forward to
  • Date night on Monday
  • Watching “This Is Us”
  • Losing myself in a book
  • Clean and tidy home
  • Discovering new blogs

What about you?  What made you smile this week?


Why I’m happier logged off of Facebook

Each Monday when I plan my week ahead I jot down a few goals.  They include visiting the gym, drinking water and not just tea, making time to read, eating healthily and having two FB-free days.  I list these things every week because I know if I stick to them I’m a much happier person.  Gym, water, relaxing and eating well – yes all pretty obvious.

But for alot of people giving up social media for two days a week isn’t on their to-do list.  The reason it is a priority on mine is because I’ve realised how much calmer and downright happier I feel when I’m living in the actual moment instead of trying to document it to an audience online.  I feel more peaceful when I’m enjoying a weekend and just being there rather than reading what everyone is doing on theirs.

I’m not running down FB – I still log on most days and catch up, like, comment and enjoy seeing what others are up to but I don’t feel the need to be online as much as I used to.  I also find myself posting so much less.  It may sound weird but I don’t feel like sharing as much as I used to.

Yesterday I logged on, checked in and instantly regretted it.  I hadn’t posted in a while and could have continued as a quiet visitor but felt like adding something – no idea why.  However, unlike when I blog or catch up on other blogger’s news, I didn’t feel like I’d added anything to my day.  In fact I probably lost a chunk of time staring mindlessly at my phone.  For no reason.

Over time I’ve realised that on FB you get those who just collect comments and likes but never reciprocate to anybody else online.  Then get snarky when you don’t like or comment after a while.  Or people who like to air everything they are going through online.  Or those who constantly post every few hours with quotes or thoughts that are guaranteed to get a reaction.  Then update “don’t like it, don’t read it” posts when they get a reaction.  Or those who proudly and constantly state how smug they are to be anti-social whilst using social media to post this.

I’m tired.  My timeline is tired and when I discovered the unfollow option a while ago I found that to be more of a highlight than logging on and catching up!

What about you?  What are your views on FB and do you ever take a social media break?











Friday at last!

This week has dragged by so slowly, it felt like Friday would never arrive.  But here we are *does a happy dance*

I am seriously doing a countdown to 4:00pm as I type this.

Anyway despite being a long week with a few irritations along the way (I found a self-appointed expert to be bloody annoying, I hardly found time to gym and I let silly things get to me) there is alot to be grateful for.  So here is this weeks list of things that made me happy:

  • Mark’s project at work is going well.  He did a course in March and is now working on a huge project as well as doing all his work.  I’m so proud of him and his dedication.
  • PNA had a sale last week.  Now as someone who adores stationery – this was wonderful.  I went on Friday after work.  Then I went again on Sunday (I had to make sure I hadn’t missed something)!
  • Awesome Saturday.  Woke up and had delicious flapjacks and bacon for breakfast, took a long and scenic drive to Franschhoek and visited the Station Pub.  We sat outside and it was quite cold but we warmed up instantly when our lunches arrived.  I had been thinking about pizza for days and it was worth the wait!
  • Attending a very interesting client seminar on Tuesday.
  • Doing the grocery shopping last night after work for this weekend.  My word but I don’t enjoy grocery shopping!  Shoe and clothing shopping?  YES.  Book shopping?  YES.  Stationery shopping?  HOORAY.  Grocery shopping?  MEH.  Ended up going to 3 different shops to get everything (major annoyance) but I cannot wait for tonights comfort food and treats that are just waiting at home ready to be enjoyed.
  • Working out a new fitness/healthy eating plan.  Still very much in progress but I don’t want to let my gym card gather dust just because it is winter.
  • Reading with a cup of tea first thing in the morning.
  • Rain is predicted this weekend and again next week (praying we get LOADS).
  • Mark making me laugh out loud at the most random things – I am grateful for my husband’s sense of humour as I sometimes forget mine when I’m stressing over nonsense.
  • Two days of fun and relaxation are less than 8 hours away!

What about you?  What is currently on your gratitude list?