Happy Friday

What a week!  I am in desperate need of a weekend and am SO glad that Friday is here at long last.  Lots of people agreed this week dragged by and I cannot wait for 4:00pm to arrive 🙂

My gratitude list for this week:

  • An amazing stay in Stanford.  Mark and I had such a relaxing time and look forward to going back soon.
  • Mark’s 20 year anniversary at his work on Monday.  Such an awesome achievement and I’m so proud of all his hard work and dedication.
  • Dinner with my father-in-law and mother-in-law on Monday evening.
  • Lunch with a work friend on Tuesday
  • Tea with honey
  • Crisp wine after a super long day earlier this week – tea can only do so much!
  • Treating myself to goodies from Clinique and getting a gift with it in a cute make up bag
  • Being creative with the organiser I bought from Typo
  • Having a relatively healthy eating week.  Drinking more water and cutting down on carbs.
  • Driving more and getting a little more confident with each trip.

What is on your gratitude list?


4 Comments on “Happy Friday

  1. Wine after a long day at work is the best–I agree, tea doesn’t really satisfy certain needs 🙂 congrats to your hubby–That’s an amazing achievement!! Best of luck in the healthy train–trying to board myself ha. Happy weekend!!

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    • Tea can only do so much LOL! Hope you had a fantastic weekend – look forward to reading all about it 🙂


    • It was a good one thanks 🙂 Hope yours was too and you’ve had a great start to the week xo


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