Hermanus getaway


This past weekend was wonderful.  Hubby and I planned a stay in Hermanus and the weather was amazing with Saturday being really hot and wind-free.  We went to have brunch at Oskars and then walked around a bit before having drinks and watching rugby at Tapas.  I love this restaurant and couldn’t resist a fun pic 🙂


I thought the sign inside the restaurant was brilliant!


The Hi-Tec Walker Bay Xtreme was taking place all weekend and Hermanus was super busy with lots of people competing in various sporting events.

Saturday evening we had a braai and watched rugby.  We woke to much cooler weather on Sunday morning but took a drive to Stanford.  Hubby had bought a new camera lens and was keen to try it out.  We spotted a Giant Kingfisher and he was glad to get some pics even though it was overcast.

Later in the afternoon we drove to Gansbaai and Danger Point and stopped at a quiet spot where we watched Kelp Gulls dropping periwinkle snails on the ground before eating them.  Nature never ceases to amaze me!

This is the part where I tell you that I accidentally deleted some of my photos on Tuesday (selected an album instead of one photo) so I have none of the clever Gulls.  I’m lucky to have some pics of the weekend thanks to hubby taking them on his phone 🙂  Some were in my WhatsApp chats – hooray for technology!

Back in Hermanus we took a walk and spotted this little Dassie happily munching away.


We had another delicious braai that evening and Monday morning went back to Stanford where hubby got some more photos (he is very pleased with his lens) and glad he bought it.


After a tasty breakfast, we packed up and drove back to Cape Town.

That evening we had a date night and celebrated 10 years of being in our home.  I still remember moving in like it was yesterday!  Over the decade we have painted, tiled, made changes to the garden and hubby built a braai.  However we remembered the first few days of moving in, and because our home was new we had to buy (and install) curtain rails, security bars, gates, a letterbox and not forgetting toilet roll holders.

What a journey the last 10 years have been.  I’m excited for the next decade with the love of my life.




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